watching tv with deedee and dexter
  • 22.02.2024
  • 350

so after a long day of play, dexter can sleep through anything while deedee sits there to look pretty

yorkie two months playing
  • 20.02.2024
  • 564

yorkie two months playing

Yorkie Mila, Uni and Lilly playing!
  • 19.02.2024
  • 527

Yorkie Mila, Uni and Lilly playing!

Yorkie Mila, Uni and Lilly playing!
  • 19.02.2024
  • 527

Yorkie Mila, Uni and Lilly playing!

Cute Yorkie sad that Daddy is going buh bye
  • 19.02.2024
  • 422

We spend every minute of the day with our dogs. They usually come with us on our trips, but this time Daddy is going solo, so the doggies are staying home with their Momma. They already know he's going on a trip because we are giving them a heads up just so they aren't too heartbroken when he leaves.

Yorkie Tricks AND PLAY DEAD!!
  • 17.02.2024
  • 594


  • 16.02.2024
  • 507

Happy Halloween everypawdy! Join me on my Halloween celebration at the 2022 HOWL-O-WEEN Parade today! There were so many cute doggos in costumes and I enjoyed trick-or-treating! I even went home with some prizes!

Yorkie doing nothing but still cute AF
  • 13.02.2024
  • 590

Yorkie doing nothing but still cute AF

Paxton Teacup Yorkie Plays Fetch On His Birthday
  • 11.02.2024
  • 653

guess who turned 3 years old today?! me, paxton! humans bought me this fun boomerang for my birthday to celebrate and then took me to our favorite park to play fetch. the boomerang is clearly too big but i held my own. and did you notice how i bring the boomerang to both humans so everyone feels included? female even calls me the cutest little doggy ever

Yorkie's First Snow Day with a GoPro!
  • 10.02.2024
  • 676

I'd like to introduce my 5 year old Yorkshire Terrier, Cosmo, to the world of GoPro! Just enjoying the weather in New England.

Yorkie in a Cute Bunny Costume
  • 09.02.2024
  • 490

humans bought me a ridiculous bunny costume that was way too big on me! i mean, who can see anything when there's a bunny hat covering your face? btw, if you're worried about me hitting my head on the table, i'm ok. I just did that so they would not make me be a bunny ever again and for all of the extra treats. for all you pups out there, it's important to train your humans like this early on so they don't try to dress you up in silly costumes and parade you around.

Swimming dog Kevin the yorkie boy
  • 08.02.2024
  • 478

Dog enjoy in summer. Fetch yorkie.

Mom joins pup to look out the window
  • 07.02.2024
  • 487

Mom joins pup to look out the window

Yorkie plays with Cat
  • 06.02.2024
  • 560

Chewie and Kiri love to chase each other and play-fight. Once you realize they're not trying to hurt each other, it's really fun to watch. :)