Tiny Kitten Reacts to Golden Retriever

For once Bailey is not trying to evict the kitten from his bed. Wow, Bailey let the kitten stay in his bed! He knows the kitten is no harm…. Very warm and caring dog❤️ Bailey wouldn’t share his bed with the other doggo but he makes sure it’s nice and soft for the baby kittens! That’s just adorable! 🥰 The kitten seems to be feeling a little lonely in Bailey’s huge bed without siblings and mom. Bailey is so cute, he just watches and doesn’t try to reclaim his bed 🥰 Aww uncle Bailey 💕 he’s actually allowing his Kitty to play with him in the bed, so precious 🐾💕 reminds me of my Bobby the Shih Tzu who had a Tabie cat as a best friend. Hug’s 🤗 Bailey and kitties 😻 🐕 These two!! I ❤❤ Bailey!! He doesn’t take the bed away from the kitten! He’s smitten! Such excellent skills he has for bonding with cats! Bailey is amazing😍! It is sooooo sweet and cute…The kitten thing’s that Bailey is his mother and Bailey can see that the kitten needs his love,attention and being close…what of Baileys lovely eyes,the eyes of love and pations.👍❤️😍😘💕

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