Phil The Malamute Dog Meets Newborn Baby For The First Time Ever!! (He cries!!)

This dog is so emotional! He is so human like and his love just shines through! He can’t contain his joy shaking with excitement. Phil is love, he’s happiness, he’s everything you need to make your day better. This dog deserves to live forevermore! We capture these precious moments so they can look back on them and see the memories that will never be forgotten. Kinda feel emotional watching this, knowing Phill is your best man (and Niko as one of the bridesmaids) in the wedding, being there when you move to your first house (your house before this), being there when he show his famous woofs when Amelia was born, moving to your new house again, and now meeting the baby boy… He is the best.. speechless. PhillyBear is and always will be the goodest Boi as he dearly loves his siblings but especially the human ones. He’s such a beautiful soul and this comes across every single video and why so many of us love so much. He’s such a love! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely moment. This video made my horrible day so much brighter. Thank you PhillyBear and the Matthews family.  Wow Phil totally understand that the long wait was over. So quiet and the baby. He’s going to be a great protestor of the boy. Love the way you handled the dogs meeting the new baby. ♥️

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