Cute funny Animals Videos #1🥰

Terrific video. Every shot is a treat. Congratulations to the many “parents” of these adorable and sometimes so original “actors” and always so funny 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 I loved this video, thank you. I have always known that dogs, cats, and other animals are far more intelligent than some people give them credit for, obviously.Brandon makes me think real hard about my life purpose. As a huge foreign fan of ” Dog” TV series I bought this book as a support. But the part that Brandon wrote about how he become a trainer of homeless dogs makes me cry. It wakes me up and force me to think hard about what I’m doing in my life right now.He was willing to risk his job for what he believed : every homeless dog must have hope and a home. He committed to his promise that he would help saving lives. He never gave up and willing to sacrifice his secure career for it. That part alone changed my life, not even mention all dogs’ stories he told throughout the book. They are all inspirational.

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