Cat Adopts Ducklings – After 6 Hours Something Completely Unexpected Happens!

Della is also a mother cat and her paws are definitely full. Not only did she have 3 little kittens, she also managed to get 3 more kittens.she couldn’t stand the little naughty ones and she owned them and it was unbelievable

Cat Giving Birth to 5 Gorgeous Sphynx Kittens

i dont think many people truly understand how special it is for a cat to let their human be so close and involved while she gives birth. What a great midwife! And for those people thinking cats just know what they’re doing and to leave them alone, some really don’t.I was fostering a young pregnant cat, she hadn’t started nesting yet so I thought she had a ways to go, I was wrong and she had no clue at all what was happening!She like some human moms thought she had to go to the bathroom, I went in the back bedroom to feed her and found her in the litter box with a very fresh kitten and looking very confused!I scooped her up and took her to the nest I’d made her and used a warm cloth to clean the kitten. I stayed with her for the rest of the night because even after she finished labor she wanted me there. If I left even for a quick bathroom break, she’d leave the kittens and meow at the door till I came back.She turned out to be a good momma but had a rough start at it. The fact the father was there was so heartwarming to see. It’s so nice to see the mom staying strong through the process ❤ I love how she kept asking for Dad to help her 😻🤎. And Dad was there helping his baby girl with the process. Pure cuteness! It’s OKAY for humans to help first-time mama cats give birth. She clearly needed the extra support and affection. If she wanted her space then she’d make it clear: Cats are protective of their bellies, ESPECIALLY pregnant cats. If she allowed her owners near and let them give her affection then it’s completely okay. Good job on helping your mama cat give birth! For all you nay-sayers out there, Sphinx are very attached and emotionally dependent on their humans, a first time mom can get very scared so it’s a good thing that the humans that she loves are present and helping with the process. Check and inform yourselves before making unnecessary and mean comments. I just loved how she kept looking back at her humans like she really depended on their love and support! Beautiful video guy it was a pleasure to watch. 🥰 Muito fofo! Os gatos se sentem muito mais protegidos e relaxados durante o parto, quando os donos estão perto. 🥰1 dica, para o parto da sua gata ser mais rápido e ela não ter que fazer tanto esforço: Tente preparar uma caixa que não seja tão grande. Note que quando ela tem as contrações e faz força, ela joga as patas traseiras para trás. Nesse momento, quando está numa caixa menor, ela consegue se esticar e exercer a força contra as “paredes” da caixa e isso ajuda MUITO. Se não tiver uma caixa menor, coloque sua mão atrás das patas traseiras dela e ela vai empurrar suas mãos, não para te afastar, mas sim para ter um apoio e exercer a força contra algo. Acredite, isso vai ajudar muito. Big shout out to all females of all living species. Thanks for what you have to go through to bring life to world during pregnancy and periods every month because guys have no idea how much pain we go through when all they do is orgasm and wait thinking they did all the work. I am a girl saying this to all my females out there ❤️

Mother Cat Calls For Help At The Door

I love how she gave each one a bit of attention before going back for the next baby ☺️mamãe gata pedindo ajuda com seu filhote que coisa tão linda , até os animais proteje , seus filhos , tem gente que esqueci do amor pelo os seus.❤️ One of the most beautiful things in the world is the love and care a mother cat has for her kittens. It’s amazing how natural motherhood comes to them. What a good little mother she is. I hope they stay safe. It’s always so heartwarming to see a kind hearted human let a mama cat care for her babies in his/her house What a lovely momma cat, she’s so kind and friendly, all the cats looked content which says a lot about their carer ❤ What a great Mama Cat she is. At first I thought there was only the one kitten. But no…she kept bringing her babies indoors. This video is so cute and sweet! Thank you for sharing! 😺😺🥰❤ i love how at the end she checks if there’s anymore babies like she doesn’t know exactly how many she has 🤣🤣 We forget animals love their babies as much as we love ours. A sweet, good mother. I hope she and her babies have a long, happy, and secure life.I love how she grooms and settles with each one for a little bit before she leaves to go get the next one Legend says if you listen closely on a quiet night you can still hear her going back to get more cats until all the stray kitties in the world are home. Beautiful cat. And such a good mother. And to the person harbouring that mother and 5 sweeties : thank you.

Pretending My Golden Retriever Puppy Bite Hurt [Cuteness Overload]

I love the “healing” licks after the bites. Love this adorable little one 😍😍😍 I love how she starts smiling when she realizes its a game 🥰 great way to train a dog!! Actually works to train puppies not to bite. Using it now on my little terrier pup. I squeal like a hurt puppy when bites, then he stops with that SORRY look. When he licks, I praise and pet him, saying KISSES GOOD! Puppies are hardwired to understand when they hurt another being. “Why is my teething toy making all these strange sounds??”Definatley a beautiful little golden puppy, my fav breed, hoping to get my own little buddy in the next year. 👍❤🐶🐶 OMG cuteness overload. From the way she has placed herself on top of you with legs all stretched out she looks like a stuffed Golden. Absolutely precious little girl…great dogs, just like labs give you all that love. Enjoy her and thanks for chafing. ❤️ The smile she gave him when he said “Oooh!” Sweet puppy Mia knows. So smart and beautiful Its so interesting how the puppy reacts to the idea you might be in pain and then backs off. With a pup like that i’d never go to work! 😍 Beautiful puppy. It’s funny to me that people don’t realize they’re being as cute as their pets LOL Cute little puppy at first thought it really hurt cause she understood the sound, then she catches on that they’re playing. This video is just too cute. What a gorgeous, gentle and sweet little pup! Thank you for sharing this. Mia is just too stinkin cute…🥰. She’s looking at dad, like why do you keep teasing me with this tasty hooman snack and then taking it away…🤣😂

Bernese Mountain Dog Meets Puppies for the First Time

It always amazes me as to how gentle these giants can be…must be the size of the heart 💗 Take care…Bruce and Otis I cried while watching this. Bless Teddy’s gentle soul. Bless the little ones. ❤ Totally adorable, such a gentle big boy, and such lovely bold inquisitive puppies. How can anyone give this video a dislike unless accidentally? Teddy is a gentle and lovely big boy 👌❤❤❤I love the wagging tails of the puppies 😁😍❤ The Mountain Dog sure was a lot more chill than the Golden meeting the pups. Completely different personalities. Very cute! Teddy is a gentle and a patient dog. Hope puppies and mummy will find a loving family Towards the end of the video (2.12), there was one puppy in particular that was walking, and all of a sudden just plopped down on his stomach. LOL I would keep all of the little darlings. 💛 Teddy is like a huge gentleman coming upon sweet adorable puppies that touches every one’s hearts. He is observing their every move. This is so precious.💋💞🐾♥️Teddy truly Bailey ‘s brother….he knows how to deal with small cute 😍 💖 puppies….stay blessed always with your mom and daddy teddy is now a giant super matured baby…who can feel how to give protection to his tiny siblings and now he can feel the light of love to his newly born friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️you’re growing up with tenderness of love as my loving kid bailey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you allGOD BLESS YOU ALL WITH LIGHT OF LOVE ..YOU ALL ARE GROWING LIKE SAINTS… What a gentle giant Teddy is! And those puppies are so cute, I’d be tempted to keep at least one… And one of them looks like a copy of Baily… 😉 Big and smol puppers will be the death of me. Look how huge his front legs are! His paw is as big as those pups’ heads! ❤️❤️ Teddy:”mom n dad told me to be gentle to those puppies( but Teddy’s obey is beyond than that,he gentle to their toys too look at Teddy paw in slow motion move😂,love Teddy very much he is truly a sweet gentle giant💛🐾💛

Golden Retriever doesn’t want to share his big toy with friend’s puppies!

My Golden carried his Panda Bear around with him everywhere…even at 15 years old. He’s resting peacefully with it now. Much love my furry friend! I love you! 💕 Bailey is the biggest brother yet the smallest one too 🥰😆 These 3 are just too cute I can’t handle it! 💕 Bailey is hilarious as always!Rocky is such a big, beautiful boy now. Teddy must get his nose in it! 😂❤️😂❤️ Canine communication is something truly special and unique. Most people would tell their dogs to stop or shut up and interrupt the communication. Glad this owner lets things play out how they should between the dogs. Healthy for the pack! Bailey said, “ No! Y’all just come in here and try to take over. You can’t have everything. This toy is off limits.” The other two dogs said, “ Ok! We don’t want to play with your stinky teddy bear anyway! Keep it. Dad will get us more toys.” Meanwhile, the teddy bear is just smiling as if to say, “ Ahhh…it’s so nice to be loved. Everyone wants to play with me.” BAILEY! Don’t you know that sharing is caring?””I don’t care about Sharon or Karen, this toy is my toy!” Bailey is the cutest big baby of them all! His expressions and barks are hilarious. Reminds me of visiting friends who had a few dogs and their big male poodle “mounted” a large stuffed toy under the Christmas 🌲. 😂🤣❤️ That is incredible!Bailey is the main leader,and he wants his bear toy, but Rocky and Teddy are saying:”You were the leader, now things are changed…share this toy with us” Thanks for letting me laugh 🙂 They are so nice all these family members 🙂 I have never seen Bailey get really angry he’s to adorable and sweet to get angry

Tiny Kittens Wake Up Golden Retriever Puppy in Dog Bed

The pets in this family seem to play into the camera the way they look straight into it and strike such adorable poses. Oh that can’t be anymore precious then that, makes my mornings bearable🥰 If Bailey saw them on his bed, they would have to go. Lol 💛Little Butterscotch Cream really wants puppy to get up and play. They’re so dang precious 💞! It melts my heart! This is absolutely adorable!!😁❤ That kitten looks a lot like my old cat Waffle! I hope that little one lives a long time I want all these cuties on my bed! It would make me chilling out before I sleep even better ❤️ Love how in the very beginning the pooch is TRYING to stay asleep but its cat cousins want it to wake up and play! Look for the last week watching the puppy and kitties have made me smile more than I usually do this is serotonin The dog is remarkably calm considering he’s surrounded and outnumbered by apex predators

Two cat moms couldn’t split kittens | Who the cute kittens will stay with

They are sooo adorable 😍 ❤️ ♥️ 😍 God blessed all of them. And thank you to everyone that have a golden heart to love and care for all those angels!! Joanna has very strong motherly instincts and takes care of Lima’s kittens like her own. They can both care for the kittens. At the end they stayed with Joanna, I guess her milk is the yummiest.💕😻🐈 Joanna is the super caring mama 😻 God always bless her and her sweet heart 💓 little babies 🥰🐾🐾🐈❤️❤️🐈😊 I miss seeing Blackie. I especially love the episode when Blackie was so content laying close to Joanna while the other kittens were feeding. Beautiful.Aw Joanna and Lima are fabulous mums to the little ones, I loved Lima and the ginger kitten having a little kitty kiss 😘 the babies are beautiful and both Lima and Joanna are so caring to them 💋❤️😻💖😽😸

Dogs Who Have Loved Their Cats Ever Since They Met – CATS AND DOGS The Wonderful Friendship

i have a very very large pyraneese/great dane and a couple years ago i had found this tiny abandoned kitten and brought her was amazing to me how gentle and careful this horse dog was around the kitten, it was like he was in a different mode around her. And they absolutely love each other now. This is so nice and heartwarming to see how all these cute and adorable dogs and kittens are so lovely together. Too cute for words. Wish them all many happy years together full with joy and love. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful, cute and lovely Video 🤗🤗❤️❤️🐈🐕🍀👍😘😍😻🐶💕💕🙏🙏. They are all so cute and sweet! Help a stray if you can. They depend so much on us. Thank you for sharing. I just love watching most dogs interact nicely with kittens, like the ones in this video. But I’m not so hot on pitbulls. My neighbor has one That hound will eat anything. Just this morning I saw him eating a piece of wood from the neighbor’s woodpile. To make it worse, he jumped the fence the other day and tried to bite the tires off one of those motorized carts they have at supermarkets. An elderly neighbor had borrowed it and was using it to try to get back to the supermarket to pick up some food for his pantry. It’s amazing that the neighbors let the dog get away with this. It’s quite an example, however, of sharing and caring that the supermarket lets people use their carts to get back and forth between their home and the grocery, trying to do what they can to look our for some of our most vulnerable citizens.Dogs 🐕 love their cat friends because they are always around humans walk in and out of their lives everyday to go to work this is traumatizing because dogs are accustom to having their pack around 24/7 it bring reassuring comfort to the dog 🐕 when the cat 🐈 is around that way he is not alone. It gets to the point that the dog 🐕 prefers the cat 🐈 over the human.

More wonderful videos of animals asking for help, rescuing people, being reunited with owners, and messing with the wrong opponent:

The 1st one made my heart drop. Thank Jesus that dog did something. To an animal lover like myself, this was the most touching, amazing compilation of videos I’ve seen. Thank you for making it! the awesome thing about the Great Dane is that he was confused/unsure about the intruder until mom told him that the dude is a bad guy, and he instantly changed his attitude towards him. This should be the meaning of every animal needs respect 💙 I love how all of these animals have the perseveres to risk there lives to save other people’s lives The dog who saved the child from the bottom of a pool is the perfect hero Love animals, they have more kindness, courage and above all, loyalty in their hearts than some humans. I love how the cat protected the child from a dangerous situation!💕 The dog protecting the human from the goose reminds is exactly how I react to people attacking my friends. I bite them on the neck and don’t let go until they chill out. Wow, such animal heros! 🙂 It was so cool how the kind elephant saved the man, while the rest of the herd were just watching and chewing grass, like “You got this, George!” 😀 the dog was so gentle with the goose!! they could have killed the goose in one bite but instead they pushed the goose back. The dog that made sure everyone was asleep and wagging his tail. Is heat melting. It seems like it really makes him happy that he makes sure his family is safe. Los mejores ! los más cariñosos ,protectores y valientes 👍💪🤗❤ AMASING & WONDERFUL ANIMALS WITH SENSE OF LOVE, SAFTY & SECURITY OF THEIR HUMAN FRIENDS BETTER THAN SOME STUPID HUMAN BEINGS. I AM DELIGHTED TO SEE THEM DO ALL THESE MIRACLOUS THINGS IN ACTION. The dog defending the family is so cute