Our Cute Dog Nanny to Our Little Baby👼❤️🐕

That last dog was incredible. Even when the kid gave the bone back, he made sure to be very cautious how he took it back. São anjinhos na terra! Criança e cachorro dois seres inocentes e iluminados.❤️❤️❤️🙏 Melts ur heart completely. Probably their love for the children is as same as the parents 💓💓 You know it’s like these dogs are protecting the babies like their own puppies isn’t that just cute and adorable That’s the dogs saying “this is my new human, gotta protect it” I love dogs. Dogs make us feel at ease, don’t they Dogs are extremely caring and playful with the babies. Very cute collection. 🐕🐕🤶🤶❤ Now these parents are doing it right!!! Spent the time and love to raise there dogs right, no doubt there children will be great people! BRAVO, Beautiful Having a dog is always good the dogs Always when you come home sad the The dogs will always be with you To make you happy, I love dogs even though I do not have one 😔

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