the way a dog got scared by cat is so cute , cat is the king !!! 😂❤🦮🐾🐈😻

The tiny cats bullying the huge dogs is just too hilarious, poor doggos These puppies have much more energies than me! When a german shepherd turns coward you know the cat run’s the house. Just too funny. Just goes to show you….dogs and cats in one room together just doesn’t end well. Lol!! Super hilarious indeed, you know what is another hilarious thing, the caretakers laughter behind the scenes hahahahaa🤣🤣🤣🙃 It’s a kind of defense mechanism. Cats are so much smaller than most dogs so they try to act big and tough, the best defense is a good offense! What is so funny is how the dogs react. They tend to be calm, well behaved dogs and get confused at first when the tiny cat attacks them. They get this look of disbelief on their faces then they Yelp and run away so funny! it’s truly a love/hate thing with dogs and cats, the like each other but they hate each other at the same time. 😁 It’s so funny to see those cats so brave not realizing that those dogs one bite can just snap their neck Dogs are very fun. Cats are very fun. Together they are hilarious. 😂👍

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