Phil’s origin story… Mouse Raised by a Cat.❤️😻🐀

The story is kinda sad because Phil didnt get adopted but he got adopted by a family of hamsters and He helped them escape and they did escape even when it break because they were hanging on balloons Never knew I’ll end up laying in my bed watching a cat raised up by a mouse and end up crying in bed then smiled at the end:) This is what you tube was created for, no hidden agendas or views being pushed onto someone else just showcasing some cinematic skill. This video is A A Ron approved! Phil might look at hard as stoneBut I’m sure he’s soft as a kitten underneath…I love you guys so much! The part at the end where they go to California was scary! I can’t imagine how long it must take to time their behavior right when there are multiple animals on the scene. Great work as always! 👍Love your imagination and dedication! First half, I’m like, “What the hell am I watching?” But then I was like, dang, this emotional and delightful. Props to all the work put into this 👍 Me sees your pain me understands Cat❤Chef Same to the video The cat cooking show 2 wheres the first vid Poor Phil, I just saw the story and I used to think Phil was a bit evil…but he’s just a poor sad cat who has a broken heart does he still thinks his mouse family is dead (I cried )😭 i love this if i was here i wouldve adopted it 🥺 and can we all bless the mouses for taking care of them 😭 I would have given Phil a home .He is so adorable.❤️❤️💞 I hate it when things are wholesome and sad at the same time. The waterworks won’t stop flowing now, jeez… This reminds me of the cat that wandered the park crying for his mom, but nobody ever took him in I feel so bad for Phil. All he wanted was a family but apparently, that’s too much to ask for.

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