More wonderful videos of animals asking for help, rescuing people, being reunited with owners, and messing with the wrong opponent:

The 1st one made my heart drop. Thank Jesus that dog did something. To an animal lover like myself, this was the most touching, amazing compilation of videos I’ve seen. Thank you for making it! the awesome thing about the Great Dane is that he was confused/unsure about the intruder until mom told him that the dude is a bad guy, and he instantly changed his attitude towards him. This should be the meaning of every animal needs respect 💙 I love how all of these animals have the perseveres to risk there lives to save other people’s lives The dog who saved the child from the bottom of a pool is the perfect hero Love animals, they have more kindness, courage and above all, loyalty in their hearts than some humans. I love how the cat protected the child from a dangerous situation!💕 The dog protecting the human from the goose reminds is exactly how I react to people attacking my friends. I bite them on the neck and don’t let go until they chill out. Wow, such animal heros! 🙂 It was so cool how the kind elephant saved the man, while the rest of the herd were just watching and chewing grass, like “You got this, George!” 😀 the dog was so gentle with the goose!! they could have killed the goose in one bite but instead they pushed the goose back. The dog that made sure everyone was asleep and wagging his tail. Is heat melting. It seems like it really makes him happy that he makes sure his family is safe. Los mejores ! los más cariñosos ,protectores y valientes 👍💪🤗❤ AMASING & WONDERFUL ANIMALS WITH SENSE OF LOVE, SAFTY & SECURITY OF THEIR HUMAN FRIENDS BETTER THAN SOME STUPID HUMAN BEINGS. I AM DELIGHTED TO SEE THEM DO ALL THESE MIRACLOUS THINGS IN ACTION. The dog defending the family is so cute

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