Naughty kittens stuck under car tire – Need help! Dad

These sound effects are almost as annoying as the cats 😂 Can’t believe I caught this sweet moment between our dog and baby on camera. Our dog Haru loves to protect her human newborn baby, but today she showed that she really loves her in the sweetest moment between a baby and a dog. Watch today’s video to see how our loyal dog protects her human baby sister and shows that she loves her! Those of us who’ve been watching for awhile, I think we’ve all known there’s something super sweet and precious about Haru. Sienna is looking a lot like her dad. Love this Potato Ohana. May our amazing Father God continue to keep you all blessed. We all need a Haru in our lives! She is so incredibly sweet and gentle and now, with Sienna, even more so. I wish I could just pop through the screen and give that little pooch a huge hug!💖💖💖 Haru is just such a little darling doggy. She is just so calm, patient and her little doggy heart is so filled with love. You are very blessed Susan to have this little champion as your doggy. God bless your precious little, beautiful baby girl and your family. You and Damien are excellent parents to your doggos always and they are very blessed to have you as their father and mother. Take care 🙂 Haru has always been sweet, but her loving motherly instinct that could not be fulfilled on her own, she is now able to “baby” her baby sister! 🙏🏻What a blessing to have that closeness between Sienna & Haru. 😘💕💞 I’ve never seen dogs act like that around babies. That was so precious with Sienna and Haru. Haru didn’t even mind her touching her face. You and your husband raised Griffin and Haru with so much love, patience, and obedience they have accepted Sienna from day 1. You have a beautiful, sweet family. Loved this video! as I love them all but more so! Take care 11💜❤💚💜 Aww, Haru is just the sweetest little girl, just wait when they’re all running around together, I can’t wait for those videos, best friends for life, a lovely little video, thank you for posting.🥺💞 Sienna is going to be so luck when she’s old enough to realise what two amazing best friends she got to grow up with. They will bring priceless memories to her throughout her life and make her feel comforted and loved ❤️ such a beautiful moment to witness! We have an English expression (I’m sure you know it!) “A dog is man’s best friend” Haru NEVER lets her eyes off Sienna, she has that focused glance, she is protecting her (guard dog!) and also, this is the time where your baby’s brain is learning so much! Absorbing everything (sight, smell, touch, sound, taste) and it was so sweet when Sienna’s hand touched Haru’s face. Touch. How does that feel Sienna? Soft! Furry! Good, nice. PS: where can I get a headband like Siennas? I’m serious! Headband? Turban? THere are some days where I just don’t want to mess w/ my hair and a turban (like Sienna’s) would be perfect. Stylish!!!!

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