Bernese Mountain Dog Meets Puppies for the First Time

It always amazes me as to how gentle these giants can be…must be the size of the heart 💗 Take care…Bruce and Otis I cried while watching this. Bless Teddy’s gentle soul. Bless the little ones. ❤ Totally adorable, such a gentle big boy, and such lovely bold inquisitive puppies. How can anyone give this video a dislike unless accidentally? Teddy is a gentle and lovely big boy 👌❤❤❤I love the wagging tails of the puppies 😁😍❤ The Mountain Dog sure was a lot more chill than the Golden meeting the pups. Completely different personalities. Very cute! Teddy is a gentle and a patient dog. Hope puppies and mummy will find a loving family Towards the end of the video (2.12), there was one puppy in particular that was walking, and all of a sudden just plopped down on his stomach. LOL I would keep all of the little darlings. 💛 Teddy is like a huge gentleman coming upon sweet adorable puppies that touches every one’s hearts. He is observing their every move. This is so precious.💋💞🐾♥️Teddy truly Bailey ‘s brother….he knows how to deal with small cute 😍 💖 puppies….stay blessed always with your mom and daddy teddy is now a giant super matured baby…who can feel how to give protection to his tiny siblings and now he can feel the light of love to his newly born friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️you’re growing up with tenderness of love as my loving kid bailey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you allGOD BLESS YOU ALL WITH LIGHT OF LOVE ..YOU ALL ARE GROWING LIKE SAINTS… What a gentle giant Teddy is! And those puppies are so cute, I’d be tempted to keep at least one… And one of them looks like a copy of Baily… 😉 Big and smol puppers will be the death of me. Look how huge his front legs are! His paw is as big as those pups’ heads! ❤️❤️ Teddy:”mom n dad told me to be gentle to those puppies( but Teddy’s obey is beyond than that,he gentle to their toys too look at Teddy paw in slow motion move😂,love Teddy very much he is truly a sweet gentle giant💛🐾💛

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