Cat Giving Birth to 5 Gorgeous Sphynx Kittens

i dont think many people truly understand how special it is for a cat to let their human be so close and involved while she gives birth. What a great midwife! And for those people thinking cats just know what they’re doing and to leave them alone, some really don’t.I was fostering a young pregnant cat, she hadn’t started nesting yet so I thought she had a ways to go, I was wrong and she had no clue at all what was happening!She like some human moms thought she had to go to the bathroom, I went in the back bedroom to feed her and found her in the litter box with a very fresh kitten and looking very confused!I scooped her up and took her to the nest I’d made her and used a warm cloth to clean the kitten. I stayed with her for the rest of the night because even after she finished labor she wanted me there. If I left even for a quick bathroom break, she’d leave the kittens and meow at the door till I came back.She turned out to be a good momma but had a rough start at it. The fact the father was there was so heartwarming to see. It’s so nice to see the mom staying strong through the process ❤ I love how she kept asking for Dad to help her 😻🤎. And Dad was there helping his baby girl with the process. Pure cuteness! It’s OKAY for humans to help first-time mama cats give birth. She clearly needed the extra support and affection. If she wanted her space then she’d make it clear: Cats are protective of their bellies, ESPECIALLY pregnant cats. If she allowed her owners near and let them give her affection then it’s completely okay. Good job on helping your mama cat give birth! For all you nay-sayers out there, Sphinx are very attached and emotionally dependent on their humans, a first time mom can get very scared so it’s a good thing that the humans that she loves are present and helping with the process. Check and inform yourselves before making unnecessary and mean comments. I just loved how she kept looking back at her humans like she really depended on their love and support! Beautiful video guy it was a pleasure to watch. 🥰 Muito fofo! Os gatos se sentem muito mais protegidos e relaxados durante o parto, quando os donos estão perto. 🥰1 dica, para o parto da sua gata ser mais rápido e ela não ter que fazer tanto esforço: Tente preparar uma caixa que não seja tão grande. Note que quando ela tem as contrações e faz força, ela joga as patas traseiras para trás. Nesse momento, quando está numa caixa menor, ela consegue se esticar e exercer a força contra as “paredes” da caixa e isso ajuda MUITO. Se não tiver uma caixa menor, coloque sua mão atrás das patas traseiras dela e ela vai empurrar suas mãos, não para te afastar, mas sim para ter um apoio e exercer a força contra algo. Acredite, isso vai ajudar muito. Big shout out to all females of all living species. Thanks for what you have to go through to bring life to world during pregnancy and periods every month because guys have no idea how much pain we go through when all they do is orgasm and wait thinking they did all the work. I am a girl saying this to all my females out there ❤️

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