Golden Retriever doesn’t want to share his big toy with friend’s puppies!

My Golden carried his Panda Bear around with him everywhere…even at 15 years old. He’s resting peacefully with it now. Much love my furry friend! I love you! 💕 Bailey is the biggest brother yet the smallest one too 🥰😆 These 3 are just too cute I can’t handle it! 💕 Bailey is hilarious as always!Rocky is such a big, beautiful boy now. Teddy must get his nose in it! 😂❤️😂❤️ Canine communication is something truly special and unique. Most people would tell their dogs to stop or shut up and interrupt the communication. Glad this owner lets things play out how they should between the dogs. Healthy for the pack! Bailey said, “ No! Y’all just come in here and try to take over. You can’t have everything. This toy is off limits.” The other two dogs said, “ Ok! We don’t want to play with your stinky teddy bear anyway! Keep it. Dad will get us more toys.” Meanwhile, the teddy bear is just smiling as if to say, “ Ahhh…it’s so nice to be loved. Everyone wants to play with me.” BAILEY! Don’t you know that sharing is caring?””I don’t care about Sharon or Karen, this toy is my toy!” Bailey is the cutest big baby of them all! His expressions and barks are hilarious. Reminds me of visiting friends who had a few dogs and their big male poodle “mounted” a large stuffed toy under the Christmas 🌲. 😂🤣❤️ That is incredible!Bailey is the main leader,and he wants his bear toy, but Rocky and Teddy are saying:”You were the leader, now things are changed…share this toy with us” Thanks for letting me laugh 🙂 They are so nice all these family members 🙂 I have never seen Bailey get really angry he’s to adorable and sweet to get angry

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