Pit Bull Starved on Heavy Chain all his Life! He Grabbed my Hand and Asked to Rescue Him💔🦮🙏

If I were in your country, I would have a house with a big yard, and adopt all these sweet babies so they would know what it’s like to be loved, not thrown away!! God bless you for saving these babies – the world needs more people like you in it!! ♥️👍🐾🐾God bless everyone who was involved with rescuing Toby. You gave him a second chance and him learning what love is. I pray he finds his forever loving home!!! 🙏❤️Just that smile shows what a happy soul you guys have saved. Destined to starve all alone, you gave him a second chance in life. Thank you so much!!No matter the circumstances, you DO NOT leave your do (or any animals) chained up with no access to food and water.Thank you so much to the rescuers for saving Toby’s life and I hope that he soon finds a loving home….he’s beautiful. 🙏❤👏I don’t care what your circumstances, you don’t leave a dog chained up and left behind. The least they could’ve done was unchain that sweet boy! Thank you for saving him Sending you so much love for rescuing this dog. Your kindness and love don’t just affect this dog, but all of us who watch. Be the change you want to see. Thank you.Wow! Toby is such a good boy!! After everything he had been through, and still wagging his tail… I was balling with sadness and disgust in this world, but you saving him, wow! Look at him now! GOD SEES YOU ALL ❤️🐾❤️🐾It is awesome what you guys do/did!! Changed his life for the better!! Look what a happy dog he is now!! Just the Christmas spirit I needed today!! 😀 I love Toby, what a good dog. And you guys are true heroes <3I’d never have anything around his neck again, I’d use a harness, after all the years he was trapped by the knack with that chain.Thank you for saving him 🙏❤️Poor little boy. This mixed pittie was surprinsingly friendly after all he must have gone through. Thank you lovely ladies for having saved and looked after him!! God bless you all!! You are a great woman ! Thank you for all the rescue dogs. My heart is with you ❤Thank you for saving Toby. He is a beautiful boy. I hope you find a loving forever home for him. He seems to be a happy loving dog now that he is fed, shown love and has a warm bed and safety. Please keep us updated on how his life moves forward from here. Once again thank you. 💗💓💞Oh my God I absolutely HATE people who leave their dogs this way! Thank you so much for saving this sweet angel! No matter what the circumstances are no animal needs to be left like this OH MY GOD WAKE UPIn the midst of everything going on around you, you chose to emerge and help those who could not help themselves. We are praying for you all every day and I truly wish I could do more and that my country would do more. Please stay strong and stay safe and thank you for saving him.It always shocks me how people can treat their animals. Thank you for all you do in rescuing these babies.

Whether you’re on a short mission or a long trip, at school, at work or in the military, you’ll find your beloved dog waiting for you as if you haven’t seen it in a long time.❤️🐾🐕💗😘😘

Nosso verdadeiro amigos Amor sem limites 🐶🐶No matter where you come from or where you grew up. Everyone can appreciate how happy an animal is to see you come home.I think it’s sweet that some of us are just as goofy to see them as they are to see us!❤️the smiling golden retriever was so adorable 😭I dont think I stopped smiling the entire time!! 😁 My favorite part of my day is when I get home from work and both my 100lb dogs come flying down the hall excited, barking, jumping, spinning, making crazy noises, knocking stuff over left and right!! 🤣🤣🤣 Nobody ever gets as excited to see u as ur pups! Dont matter if it’s been 5 mins or 5 days, they’re always like HEEEEELLLLLL YEEEEAAAAHHHHH HE’S HOME!!!!Truly amazing how much man and dog has evolved over thousands of years. I just love how at 13:43 that persons beagle is howling for him showing that he views him as part of his pack ❤Nothing beats the homecoming a dog gives you when you return home whether it’s from a day of work or an extended time away they no doubt give the best kisses and hugs and are always so excited to see you. You cannot measure the love they give it’s insurmountable.The GREATEST thing happens daily when I get home and my dogs greet me!❤️ edit: THANK YOU FOR a wonderful video.Those back hip swaying and that tail wagging. You know they are so happy and loved.The bond between humans and dogs seems to be growing “ we all need a loyal companion “ they are irreplaceable !!🥰

Trying Your Funny Trends On My Huskies! Incredible Reactions🐕‍🦺🤔🐕‍🦺

Sky and kakoa, best friends for life, playmates for life, and the cutest dogs ever ❤❤Its so cute when you stop petting them and they move themselves towards your hand so that you would pet them .Loved it!That is so cute. About Sky and Kokoa getting petted but they end up saying ” give more , im a good girl” 😄😊👌👍👍I love how kokoa always tilts her head as if questioning everything her owner does XDLove how they looked at him and was like “this is fine”, they turn around, “wait holdup wait a minute” That diet challenge is the best, their reactions are like ummm excuse me..Will be doing this video in the coming week 😂😂I just found your channel and fell in love with your dogs right away! 😍 Your dogs are so adorable and smart!The reactions given by Kakao and Sky are really cute ❤❤❤💯💯💯Sky and Kakoa are so adorably cute! This video was hilarious! Thank you for sharing! ❤😂Kenny and Rye are really lucky to have two energetic and handsome dogs like Kakoa and Sky ❤❤❤ Rock this year together 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

My Huskies Funny Reaction to me Stealing Their Bed!😴🐕‍🦺

When the dogs took the couch, I have actually fallen asleep on their beds, watching t.v. before. A few times actually. They are pretty comfy. My family was joking they would get me one for Christmas. I fell asleep on my sister’s dogs bed at thanks giving. It has a head rest on it and looks like a little love seat.😂I love Kakoa’s captions for what she’s thinking. So funny. Towards the end, she’s like will everyone stop trying to take my bed!The fact you’ve trained your dog to avoid licking you is the real gem. Can relate. My dog rarely licks me, but does it incessantly at the vet or daycare when he goes. He knows I love him without him having to show it back in that manner… haha. They want your attention, and know how to get it — but they avoid explicitly licking except for the small taps to keep your attention and know they want something from you.Kokoa is so cute and funny. To dad, she is saying “you look nice to be eaten. So let me taste you. 🤣🤣🤣🤣”. To mom, she is saying “you look tired. So I will let you rest on my bed. 🤣🤣🤣🤣”. To sky, she is saying “you have your own bed, so go and sleep on your bed. Or we will have a sisterly fight 🤣🤣🤣🤣”Kakoa has the best reaction in this video, I couldn’t stop laughin 😂😂😂 both huskies are soooo adorableeeee 😂😂✨💖💖It’s adorable how Kakoa tolerated her Mommy and Daddy but was NOT letting Sky on her bed. My German Shepherd is the same way about her bed, if you try to get on it she pokes you with her nose till you leave 🥰🥰 Our husky used to sleep on our couch. When somebody sits on it, she would immediately jump on the couch and snuggle until she is able to get the person off and find another seat. 😅 Now that she has grown up, we needed to get her a cage so she could have her own place to rest. 🥰I did that with my dog once. Smartypants realized what I was doing, didn’t think twice, ran up the stairs and made himself comfortable on my bed… XDYeah, mom and dad! Kokoa respected you two as her leaders, but, on the inside, she wanted to put them paws on yall. So, she took it out on Sky, instead.😅🤣Sky and kakoa were like: I think daddies gone crazy, he’s laying in my bed and not moving, weird. 😂💙💙It is so funny and adorable at the same time. The look on Kakoa’s face is priceless. She’s like what is going on? I want to be in my bed. I love it. Your family of 4 is the best.

Kakoa & Sky traveled back 100 Million years and met their first Dinosaur… Sky sure had a lot to say to him! 😂

Ok. Honestly, I’m more impressed with the costume than the reaction of the dogs. Wow!😮Where did you find it?It’s Blue from Jurassic World! She is truly one of my favorite dinosaurs. This video is so adorable btw. The doggos reactions are hilarious!🥰🥰🥰 think they’re getting used to dad pranking them now lol My Milly loves hide and seek rather disguise games, her shrieks get louder n louder the more excited she gets with finding me 😂🤣😂Kakoa knew it was Daddy Kenny. Lol Sky wasn’t so sure. Love how they still play with each other. Give them a big belly rub. Susan, ZiggyZoo & Kenai😂😂 I love how kakoa’s ears were back and yet she still greeted the dinosaur! -“We’d better pretend we’re scared so our human doesn’t feel sad that he didn’t fool us.”-Huskies run around the room like they don’t know what to do. Human dinosaur leaves with toy.-“Mission accomplished.” 😄They knew it’s their human, through his “scent” despite the Dino costume. Dogs have powerful sense of smell. It’s one of their most unique and awesome characteristic.🐕😊characteristic.🐕😊They even look cute when they get scared 😊No sooner had the dinosaur opened its mouth, than our huskies began to quarrel about who would get its head and who would get its fingers 😅😋🥰Love how the dogs don’t give a damn about a raptor in the house. Lol! Sniffed him out immediately.That was SO cute! It looked like Sky was trying to keep Kakoa away from the scary Dino! 💕🥲Look at the doggies. They know it’s their buddy in the suit. Happy doggies.😀Haha! 😂 They where such good boys! they recognized you right away! ❤❤❤ treats!!!The dogs are like: we can smell our funny mom or dad thru that funky costume 🐕🐕The dogs been pranked so much, they don’t even pretend to be scared anymore 😆

What Are Cats Afraid of and How Do They Show They’re Afraid?

OMG I laughed so hard :’) Really good to make the stress going awaythis is my favorite video ever 😭 i love the way the cats jump straight upThe way they bounce is so crazy. They do it without having to charge up the jump too. Insane, nature at its bestHey! It’s fun. I also try to make funny videos with cats, I’m not sure if I’m good at it, but I try to make the clips musical and fun :)Really entertaining. Thanks for the humour. I was laughing so hard that I could not breath at one point lmaoI love the way how cats jump they are just like springThe balloons, plastic bag, and the toast popping up had me dead. DEAD.loved the way that cat ran out of the bag! 😂🤣😂🤣It took the stress away thank u every time again thank u keep it coming I love it Cats are so funny, love this I have cats & this video get an A+ from me, still laughing !❤I am so tired from laughing, my whole face and neck are tired. Thanks, God bless!🥒🕷🧦😸🤣super cute animals 😍😍😍 this video makes me happy today 😊😊😊 There are videos of otters that are so cute when people visit me😁😁😁 Thank you!!!🥰🥰🥰That sudden leap is ferfect tactic during snake encounter.I can’t breath😂😂😂 I love cats. Some of these are kind of mean, but I’m too busy crying from laughter to care😅😅

Our one-year-old German Shepherd, Beck, was very nervous and had an incredible reaction when we first brought our red cat Bleu home.

I love watching Beck & Bleu together, brought tears to my eyes at the feisty kitten’s and gentle dog’s love for each other. The cuddling is wonderful.I love how they play together. In a world filled with chaos and violence it is so nice to see something that warms the heart. Beautiful.I love how Bleu nestled himself right into Beck’s arms at the end. They were meant for each other.I absolutely love how gentle he is with HIS kitten. He is fully aware, that even a little bit of pressure could hurt his NOW bestfriend!This dog is like the dads that say “we’re not having a pet” and later they’re like “come here sweetty”I like no music too. I have watched this a few times and it is so wonderfully calming. I have cats my whole life and my sister has had both German Shepherds and cats, Germans are perfect with cats!Their interaction feels pure and natural. I want to raise my pets this way one day. <3EDIT: I mean as natural as a domesticated setting can be.. within the circumstances, they seem to have learned a way of respect and consideration that is accessible through an intuitive way of communication, crossing the borders of races. It makes me think that you as humans have found a way to actually communicate with them, which is more rare than most humans would think..The kitty playpen is a brilliant idea for introducing kittens to dogs, keeping them safe in their own environment! Great, responsible pet owners!😻😻😻The dog is very gentle. Like he’s aware about how much stronger and bigger he is. Very smart.It is amazing to see how both of them play just rough enough and know how not to hurt each other. I do wonder how many times they made mistakes before they figured that out, though.

The Stray Dog Was Gonna Freeze To Death And We Couldn’t Let It Go

I love how you guys help all of these animals if you have a donation site I would definitely donate but if you don’t that could be a suggestion, love you guys!It is all the time that poor, homeless people and pets freeze to death in the city streets of Seattle and Montreal just like this. We can’t allow such sad things to happen. Thanks for being a hero here!Seeing an animal abandon all instincts just because they’re starving and accept food is absolutely heartbreaking. They don’t care why, but they’re getting fed. No animal should ever feel like that. Humans included.“We’re not just making people happy, we’re saving animals” never gets oldThis world needs more good people like you, thank you for saving that dog ❤️ I saw this video at last 5 times already and I never get tired of watching this video, it’s so full of kindness towards animals and that is what is the best thing to see❤️🐶The fact the dog was shivering when he was in front of the heater means he was hypothermic. He wasn’t shivering in the freezing cold because his body had given up and he was dying. Thank you for saving his life.Thank you so much for saving this poor pup! The world needs more kind-hearted people like you 🙏🏻This is what we need more people like you!Thank you for saving his life!Thank you so much for saving this little doggo! May God bless you You’re such a kind person❤ You bring me hope in the community and that’s A LOT you did❤What you guys are doing to these animals, is amazing. most people would just leave these poor animals on the street to die. The fact that you guys care, is truly heartbreaking. Never stop this because you guys care.Thank you so much for saving this beautiful dog. Your hearts are so generous! Bless you both. ❤🙏🏻Watching you help all these poor abandoned animals really does give me hope for humanity. The world may not be a great place right now, but it’s people like you that are like a light in the darkness.Having Dessy there with him while he slept probably helped him mentally, I can picture him crying in his sleep from nightmares of still being in the cold and snow, but then waking up in that nice warm spot with Dessy next to him comforting him. Poor little guy. I’m glad he has a good home now.

Abandoned Puppy Followed Us Home And We Let Him In

The way he keeps looking up as if you say “do you want me now.. please take me you all look lovely” so inspiring and cute😍Poor baby, you could tell he was just exhausted. Thank you for the love and kindness you have shown him. You guys are the answer to the prayers of those of us who pray for neglected and abused animals all over the world. ❤️Thank you! I pray that he’s doing well. Please post updates! ❤️At the end when he was so sleepy he was falling over. My heart! He can finally relax and not worry about sleeping in the cold or rain. It warms my heart that ppl will just take in a dog off the streets with no hesitation. Especially in places like this where strays are literally everywhere. ❤Choosing an animal is one thing. But an animal choosing you is something not many get to experience. You’ve been blessed ❤Bro imagine how happy he will be when he wakes up the next morning and he’s still there and it wasn’t just a dream I too don’t know how people can abandon poor puppies/dogs. They are so precious. If they can’t keep a dog, bring it to a shelter. Thank God that lovely young girl took the puppy in. I am sure God will reward her in the future.He’s just happy that someone actually cares enough to care for him and love him!! God bless you for loving these sweet forgotten babies!!! ♥️🐾🐾I love these types of moments, heart felt and warm loving moments that inspire everyone too jump on board too be a loving parent or guardianThank you is all I can say. For all the abandoned puppies.. how could someone leave such cute beautiful animals like that! Bless you all! 🎉 Thank you for taking care of that pup and for taking care of all the other animals you rescue! Keep up the great work!!This was SO beautiful! He looked so at peaceful at the end and like he can finally rest. Thank you for giving him the love he deserves. ❤❤❤Thank you for loving the little guy and giving him a chance to survive and love you unconditionally. Some people are the worst animals on earth. They don’t deserve the love of a precious dog, it’s obvious that you and your family do. Again thank you ❤That little tail wagging so fast as he was at the door. 🥹 thank you for rescuing him! ❤❤So zärtlich und liebevoll ,wie Du mit diesem Hundebaby umgehst, ist einfach wundervoll. Bleib bitte wie Du bist, denn Du bist ein Geschenk Gottes für diese Welt!!!!Danke das es Dich gibt. Alles Liebe für Euch beide💞❤️

The Joy Of Taking Care For Orphaned Kittens 🥰

They’re adorable 😍You do a great work. Thanks for helping so many cats🙂I simply can’t handle it…..they just exist in a world of extreme cuteness!! Love it!! 😍This really warmed my soul and made my day. Thanks to all those that foster fur babies. 😼You’ve done an amazing job with those precious kittens. Thank you for ALL you do for the kittens and cats. May God continue to Bless you and your work. 🤗💕🙏😻💕🥰🙏💕Such a heartbreaking, yet rewarding task. Thank you for the lives you’ve saved and the many more to come😸 I’m so glad their kitten videos are still on YouTube. I love these little guys, and though they are no longer little – and some have gone to forever homes – I still like watching them when they were young. Please set up a Donation Button so I can help you rescue more babies!As a cat mom of 4 orphan kittens I fully understand you ❤️ also i have bought them the same toys and nest as well! They totally love them 😍♥️ My mom didn’t like cats at all but after she saw me take care of them she’s always looking forward to play and cuddle with them now ❤️ Bless them and bless you for doing this 🙏♥️What an adorable crew! I can’t wait to see more highlight reels of the other cute little furballs you’re taking care of! ❤🐾Again, great, GREAT job taking care of everybody. They all look so happy and healthy. Such wonderful, WONDERFUL news that all of this has been happening. It’s meaning a whole lot to me. Thank you again.You guys are the best. I hope your channel grows and you can eventually open up your cat shelter one day! Thanks for these wonderful moments 💖. Dessy in her fluffy suit and the kittens laying on her sleeping, so cute, she‘s such a lovely kitten mom. 🙋🏻‍♀️😊 You guys are awesome for what you do for the kitties. These little babies are so cute! Bless you for what you do for the kitties and keep up the good work. Be safe and take care. 😍🤗🐱🐱🙏