‘Bubble Puppy’ Decides She’s Ready To Live In The World | The Dodo Comeback Kids

The fact that even as a young pup she understood that she needed to be in her bubble and when she needs it is so cool! Nature it wild ^^ I love it how she just jumps into her bubble This was the most wholesome thing I have ever seen, just tearing up and crying the whole time Just viewing this now on 12/29/22. I am a semi-retired human doc who is an animal-lover but not a pet owner now. The strides of veterinary medicine are incredible. I guess that Sally got her food/water initially through her NG tube before she could eat and drink on her own. It reminds me of the human advances for preemie neonates. We can now save humans and animals who would have perished in the past. BRAVO! I haven’t cried this much in a long time. Thank goodness there are good people like you and your family! Thank you! This woman’s dedication is truly remarkable. The constant monitoring and many sleepless nights, I’m sure. So happy this worked out for the puppy and her new family. What an amazing girl and such an example of perseverance and strength in both the pup and the folks who care for her! Thank you! This is the cutest thing I’ve seen all year. Hope the puppy is doing well! Well, I don’t usually just break down watching, guys, but what a challenge to keep this beautiful baby safe and help her get out into the world. I hope she continues to thrive. Thank you for working so hard for her. Wow the swimming at the end made me cheesy grin. What an awesome video full of awesome people! (and animals of course!) You all did her proud! 🙂 I think my dogs look forward to me watching these videos. They get extra attention afterwards. I don’t know how anyone can’t smile with a dog in their life. This hurts so much to see this puppy go through this because I almost died of pneumonia a year ago and I know how painful it is to not be able to breathe. Thank you for being the saving grace of this creature, you have the patience and dedication of a guardian angel❤ I have no doubt that without you to be there for her she wouldn’t have had any will to live.

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