Cats are 1 month old. Kittens named Yupi, Cola, Fanta, Pepsi and Sprite are featured in this video. These sweet drinks made fights without rules

I can’t watch this video for a long time 😻 Wish I could hold and kiss all of them! So adorable ❤❤ I just love their black toe beans! So cute! They are always well behaved and sweet to each other. Lololololol. This group seems rowdy just a smidge. Just a smidge. They are fighting like real tigers … but always with an angel mind ♥ So cute ♥ They have the cutest names I’m in love! Pepsi is my favorite 🥰 Gemeeesss lucu bgt kuncingnya 😂 i love cat ❤️ Adorable little pops 🤣💙 I just wanna hold them all. 👍🏻😍😻 I cannot tell you how much I love Cola. I give up, now Cola, Fanta and Yupi are my favs!!!’ 💕🤗❤️🥰😍😘💗Thanks for the joy!!!! Please be kind to them 😍🥺 be their mom feed them justly 🥺🥺 my eyes are watering Yupi or Fanta should be named sprite. hahah they are all so cute!!! O my goodness these itsy bitsy are so adorable it’s the best sight for sore eyes thank you for your video I love it ❤️ Your cats are soooooooooo cute! I love watching them over and over. 1 month is definitely the best age. They are getting so big. Sprite and Cola love the close up in the camera. Too cute❤ Ils sont tres beaux vos chats .Je les aime au premier regard .Felicitations. Vous aussi vous lez aimez le le ressens . There are no words that haven’t been said already. I love ❤ them all and they are a lively little bunch.Love as always 💕 ❤ They are all so adorable 🧡🧡 True work will be done with these cuties..🥰💕

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