Golden Retriever Puppy Wakes up his Human Mom for a Hug

That would be how I want to wake up every day ❤️🧡💛 This reminds me of being a kid a 100 years ago or so. my mother trying to wake my brother and I up for school. No way did we wanna get up and we were not shy about letting that be known. Then she got smart and started sending Gypsy the toy poodle in to wake us up. And she loved to wake us up. And we loved being woke up that way. She was the bestest ,curly haired, lil alarm clock you could ask for. How can you be mad at Gypsy. Nothing like having a puppy kiss 1st thing in the morning. 😊 Mia is the most adorable and sweet puppy girl in the world. 💚🐶🧡🐶 “Hi Mom, here I am. Ready to cuddle.”🥰Mia is the smaller version of Sweetheart Bailey. She always reminds me of Bailey when he was a pup. Lovable Goldies👍❤🐾 Wonderful way to wake up! What is more precious than hugs and 💋 😘 from our beloved furbabies!!! Love you Mia and Bailey!!! This has got to be The Best Alarm Clock In The Entire World ! Mine is almost a year old and still thinks she’s that tiny! Bailey is a gorgeous pup! No better way to wake up! You’re going to be a big pup… look at those paws!!! 🐾🐾💜 Aw, so sweet! Puppy was smiling. Animals are the best roommates.Never fight with you or argue or treat you bad.🥰🙏

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