These two cute thrushes are Very Good Friends If you love animals, this option is for you.

There isn’t any thing more kool than Dogs and Cats being pals. 👍 The brown and white dog, Baldur 4:53, laying in front of the door looked emaciated. The cat on the porch is like, “Did that puppy just kick its own ass?” WOW I WOULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED WHERE TO LOOK WITHOUT THE RED CIRCLES! THANK YOU SO MUCH KIND PERSON THAT YOU HAD TO SLOW DOWN THE VIDEO AND PUT A RED CIRCLE ON EVERY CLIP!!! AMAZING EDITING BRO! Dog and cat very wonderful and very nice and very happy 🐈😻👌🐩🐩🐩🐕 What is it? This is love! That was a small crate for a good size dog. 👎🏼 I don’t think it’s funny that these people keep letting these dogs that are harassing the cats over and over again just for views. It’s not right.

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