Golden Retriever Sees Kitten for the First Time and Is Incredibly Responsive and Adopted

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful, heartwarming and touching Video and Story. The Golden Retriever and the kitten are both so cute, adorable and beautiful and so lovely together. Send love and kisses to both and wish them all the best, all the luck and many happy years together with their family full with joy and love. God bless them all 🙏🙏❤️❤️🐕🐈🍀👍😻🐶😘💕💕🙏🙏. This was so beautiful I started crying.Why can’t us as humans be more like this ??The world would be a better place Not surprising coming from a Golden Retriever, specially a female with maternal instincts. You can expect nothing but love from her, such a tender breed. Golden Retrievers, female or male, make the best foster moms for kittens. They absolutely love and protect them. Very nice freind relationship, i like the facial expressions of Joey the cat, so expressive. Happy to see Joey turns to adult cat by now.👍 Oh, what a perfect Lovestory with this two treasures of animals 😸 🐶 ♥! My dog ate my cat my cat’s literally stepping on my back right hounded and my dogs literally sleeping on my legs love that they bonded, agree with ‘De Lospalotes’ no need for the sickly sweet editing. Not a complaint, honest. the dog is Russian.kitten europe

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