The Cutest Classmate “Cat” – Cats are very intelligent animals

The way they rub their heads against the humans’ heads is ridiculously adorable No one owns an animal. We are their caretakers They’re best lovers and best friends. ❤😻🐾😍 I was bedridden for 3 months and my rescue cat never left my side except to eat and do his business. I love him soooo much❣️❣️❣️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful, cute and lovely Video. Send love and kisses to all these cute, adorable and beautiful cats and wish them all many happy years together with their families or owners 🤗❤️🐈🍀👍😘😍🥰😻💕🙏. All animals are the true owners of earth. We humans are invadors in thier planet….Love animals soecialy cats💖 IF YOU REALLY WANT A CAT Then get a rescue from a shelter or a friend or if you happens to find one on the street This CAT will LOVE YOU forever and will never forget that you rescued it from a situation that it was not in anyway responsible for it selves I’ve had 35+ CATS 🐈 over the years and I have never payed for one they’ve all Ben strays whit out a home And I can say whit out a doubt that all of them have been SOOOO cozy and cuddly because I’ve always been there for them And the response you get as an caretaker for these CATS is indescribable If you want a CAT get ONE from a shelter or as a stray AND YOU WILL HAVE A FRIEND FOR AS LONG AS IT LIVES And if you’re anything like me and are willing to go the distance and give them LOVE the RIGHT FOOD and HEALTH You will have a friend for many years to come Thank you for these happy sweet uplifting videos God bless you and keep you safe and meet your every need Peggy Lynn Smith from Corbin Kentucky

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