Cats know how to calm down and tune in to everyone around them.

Oh my goodness cuteness overload ❤❤ I am in love with all these babies ❤❤❤ I want all these babies ❤❤ Animals know how to live better than humans, they have a conscience, they have understanding, they are different from ours, but humans have that greed and carelessness that they don’t know but… THEY HAVE NO BAD INTENTION. Ohnoh my my…so much laughing…smiling😅😊 feel so much lovelyfeelings….Thank you….really funand….so much wonderful..💕❤😘 Wonderful friendship…strange but it’s real….👍✌I got a dog that I just love like crazy and 3 yrs after getting it I found out that her parents had another liter so I got one of her baby sisters for her to hang out with and what not. They hate each other. THANK YOU FOR SHARING♡♡♡♡ I love your videos.They can play and fight,. But, still care for one another when all is over💕😸😻🧠✌🐶🐈🐕🇺🇸 They try so hard to get along but there is cat and then there is dog there is Us and there is Russia sorry my brothers and sisters If we end up fighting I’m truly sorry i never wanted this Don’t let the dogs harass the cats! Not cute!

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