The adopted kitten meets other kittens Willie and Coco and their mother, a cat.

Sweet kitties! Love you so much❤🤍☺ Aww poor baby can’t drink milk, the other kittens are blocking her way.😞🥰 Give all these sweet babies a zillion views, love them all so much all of these babies r so precious !!!!!😍😍😍 Kira is a really very cute ❤ and the others are cute too… ❤ Adopted kitten is just so cute and lovely 😻😻😻Thank you for this extremely beautiful video. The mom cat is very good natured.Hey we Hve a new member of the family guys, let’s Hve some fun ok! It’s play time. Nice video the more the merrier . more love. One big happy family. God bless them all They’re little sweethearts 💗💗💗 Every Kitten grows up. The name is the ‘Kitten’ channel, but as all the cats now started at Kitten, I hope this channel shows their lives throughout. The playlist is already classified. It’s strange to have Street on the Puppy channel. 😍😍They are so cute, lovely angels. I love cats and those who love them 😻😻Every day I try to do something for the cats, feed the stray cats, find new homes for them and neuter them.I dream of a world where stray cats will live happily.I will spread this all over the world 🙏🙏🙏

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