Food Preparation + Siberian Husky 10 Week Care

I am seriously impressed by how well trained they are at just 10 weeks of age. I love how well trained they are at a young age . Nice I could never get my husky to be as obedient as these cuties Beautiful puppies – any possibility of each one having his own bowl? And more refills? My favorite breed of dog – so gentle & empathetic! That’s made the new owners job for these lovely puppy’s a whole lot easier to get them trained, it’s amazing he’s got these lovely young pups to wait before they can eat and this is what you call a very responsible dog owner /breeder and I would not hesitate to buy a puppy from this owner How did you train those puppies when to eat? And even when to go out? So obedient and well-behaved 😭 So cute and well trained. They sit and wait for daddy to give the go ahead and dig in❤️😄 The white /black puppy with blue eyes in the end of the video is very cute. It’s like waiting politely for some more food 😂 I like it, husky puppies area lot of work. I love how well trained they are already I’m impressed. Too bad there’s no video showing how this was accomplished. Beautiful pups too. Wow! How do you train them all to be so obedient ?! I’m actually in awe. I have one husky and it’s hard 🤦🏼‍♀️ then again I just took him in and he’s past a year, but still I don’t get how you can train so many PUPPIES all at once?! What a great looking group of puppies. Good job. Just beautiful and man I love those faces. They’re going to be lookers They are adorable well behaved fur babies. Just love them a whole lot🌝. You need a bowl for each precious pup Beautiful pups, especially the one at the end of the video with the blue eyes – they look well fed & healthy – I have 2 choc labs, 10 yrs old ( siblings), I feed them twice a day w grain gluten free dry dog food & mix in homemade cooked Veges – they’re very healthy & active – and well loved like yours❤️❤️❤️ They should all have their own bowl . They are gorgeous little puppies 💖🐶💖🐶💖 Thanks for sharing. We love animals and most of all we are dog moms/dads so we care. Hope our comments help you. I know it’s hard to take care of many precious pups but you’re doing a great job raising them. Few details change would make us smile. They are like babies, and we treasure them as much as you do. I love my 16 mo Labradoodle as much as I love my children. The only differ is I refuse to put him in a stroller or purse lol. My fluffy boy Tofu He has own bowl cleaned every day and own towel, I clean his face each morning and brush his teeth once a week. They do appreciate our love and care. Dogs are very intelligent

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