Funny Bernese Mountain Dog Reacts to Puppy

I love how the playful puppy has no fear of his King Kong size buddy. And that Teddy is so gentle, even though he could eat the little one in 1 bite! 😁 Teddy is now gigantic! What a wonderful, awesome dog. He was so cute with the adorable puppy. 😀 Their munchies to each other is just so sweet and teddy’s ever unbothered face is a sight to see 😅 The largest breed I’ve had are Golden Retrievers, so this was so great to see!! I swear the one paw is practically the size of the pups head!! 😂 They both get an A+ !! So sweet! 👍 What’s particularly cute is that your Teddy is really still a very large puppy himself since he’s only a little over a year old. Such a cute meeting! This is special because it wasn’t spoiled by a voiceover. The video allows the watcher to enjoy a wonderful start to a friendship we hope will endure. Someone certainly picked an ideal new companion for their previous pet. Both dogs are so appealing one wants to hug them . Sweetest things I’ve seen in a long time. When Teddy puts his paw on the puppy and the puppy puts his head on Teddy’s paws, I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I think this little video is one of the most moving & heartwarming animal videos I’ve ever watched on YouTube. We once had a neighbour who had a mountain dog which truly was a gentle giant. We had two ducks in our backyard and in no time at all after our neighbour’s mountain dog was introduced to them they would all play in our backyard as if we didn’t exist. The combined innocence of the puppy and the gentleness of such a big dog are wonderful to watch when they are combined. Teddy is so big and yet so gentle with this little puppy😍 That widdle puppy is just too darn cute! The gentle giant doesn’t even know how big he is, but the Burmese is just a gentle breed. The widdle puppy trusts him and can’t seem to get enough of his big, warm and fluffy body. Don’t you wish all of us could create this level of pure love and harmony? Truly, these two melt our hearts. The best I could come up with was, “Ahhhhhhh, so precious!” ✝️🙏💫❤⚘🐶🦴🐶🦴⚘❤💫🙏✝️ Thank you for sharing the love with us all. In doing so, you have lifted our souls for a few moments in time. It is a lovely Christmas gift from your heart to ours!May they both enjoy long, healthy lives. They demonstrate that size doesn’t matter, but the heart does!Blessings to all!⭐🌲🐶🦴⭐🌲🐶🦴

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