German Shepherd Puppy Reacts to Baby Kittens

I just love German shepherd puppy ears. They come into the world with adult sized ears!!! How incredibly cute is this little pup!! 😍 The development of German Shepherd puppies ears is fascinating. It’s fascinating that the puppy’s first reaction is to sniff and then groom them! If that’s a girl German Shepard, she’s got amazingly strong maternal instincts! And it’s great that the puppy seems so very willing to consider the kittens as ‘part of the family’! P.S. – of course the kittens are so cute, but the puppy is so good-looking, too! A Joy to see how gently she manoeuvres around her tiny cargo ✨🐾🐾 How breathtaking watching Jessica and tiny kitten’s. The expression on Jessica’s face is priceless watching her with the little one’s. Jessica looks like a small Wolf. She is really Beautiful. The Kittens are, of course, the sweetiest things. 💛 Puppy Jessica is STUNNING! She must be wondering who are these precious, squirming fluffy non-canine creatures, yet she treats them with care! Her behavior speaks volumes! 💕😻🐶😇 Ohhhh, Jesse’s ears are almost standing up straight. She’s growing so fast! ❤️🥰💕❤️🥰💕 Aww 😍 To the pup, these kittens look either like exciting new friends or like moving squeaky toys 😅🤣 Either way, she’s like “When can I play with them? I can’t wait!” Sooo cute! 💕 Jessie is adorable. I’m sure she’ll learn quickly that she needs to be gentle and careful with the kittens. Just like her big lovable brothers Bailey, Rocky and Teddy. I trust you 👍❤🐾

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