Giant Sulking Dog Hates Bath Time Throws Tantrum And Does Everything To Avoid It!! (CUTEST DOG EVER)

The way Phil leaned his face on the wall is priceless 😂 Poor Phil ! I absolutely love how he is hiding, and pretending to be a statue. He’s so adorable and precious ❤️.I am so sorry for the both of you every time that Phil needs a bath it takes forever to get him into the bath.. Phil’s reaction is so darn adorable, cute and precious ❤️❤️❤️.I Love Phil so much ❤️❤️❤️ As a former owner of a100 lb + malamute ( lapdog so she thought) I feel you pain.These are some of the smartest & most STUBBORN dogs ever. How can you not love Phil for being true to his breed.💕💕 ps start feeding him his meals in the empty tub so he associates the tub with good things instead of dreadful memories. Good luck! I love how he faces the wall , sticks his nose in the corner & puts out his paw ..he is too much! 😂😂😂aww, I love Phil ! ❤️🐾I like the concerned look on Milo’s face. He senses something is not quite right with all of this. I am going back and looking at your older videos starring Phil, “The malamute who hates baths.” He looks like a stuffed Winnie the pooh bear. His expressions are priceless! Phil wants his privacy , not going in the bath with everyone watching and YouTuber too 😂The cats sniggering 🤭 WOWWW, he does his best to avoid the bath, LOL! The sulking face he makes in the process is amazing, LOL! He’s got so much personality! You just have to love him! 😍😍😍❤❤❤ Amelia is observing to make sure her carpet doesn’t get any dirtier 😆 Just realized Amelia is a little bitty toddler here! Second video I’m watching. Phil, Milo, and Amelia have a new subscriber! What a giant baby 🤣 The reason Phil hates it so is that he knows he can’t get out easily either. My Maxie was exactly the same!!! I cannot believe the similarities between these two. ❤️ I think malamutes are super cute but Phil has that something extra special. Even his alopecia makes him super cuter. 🥰

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