Golden Retriever Confused by new Puppy

OMG! I can’t believe how happy and adorable this puppy is!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ The puppy imitating Bailey by grabbing his own tail. 💛 The Cuteness is too much! 💛 Bailey: “It’s a mini me!” “I love this little clone.””Thanks mom and dad.”Bailey is King adorable and the puppy is absolutely full of cuteness and joy.♥️🐾 Guys, is there anything better than seeing that little tail wagging so fast when these puppies are good and happy…? !!! ❤🐕⚘ I love watching Baley interact with puppies. The puppy’s tail seems to have a life of its own.😂 Baley arms himself with patience in these complex cases.😂 If we could capture the energy from that puppy’s tail, we could power cities! 💓🐕 Oh my, it’s amazingly cute. Please show this to all the patients innthis world who are depressed and I guarantee their depression will be a thing of the past. With lots of love to the little junior and the confused senior. Of course Bailey takes his mentorship role very seriously. 💓 Awww ! Two cuties, lil pup and my alll time favourite Bailey. It’s such a treat for the eyes and soul to watch Bailey how gentle his behaviour is with all the animals. Big , big bro Bailey. 😘❤️ This smol baby tiny tail won’t stop wagging throughout ❤️ It must be hard to be so small and have all that energy inside ❤🙃 I can’t control myself after seeing the excessive cuteness of the sweet puppy 😍. Sooo adorable 😍 This video meets the quota for adorableness for the week! 💖💖

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