The Best Year Of Our Lives! Baby And Puppy Growing Up Together! (Cutest Ever!!)

I just love how at the beginning the puppy was just like I have me a playmate! ❤️😁 so sweet just love it Teddy is especially cute dog. And he grows up and still seemed to maintain that puppy fluff. How adorbs. Also now I know who Mia looks after—her dad. Great family guys! Take care This is adorable and wholesome,I love how gentle the puppy is with the baby, an adorable sight to lo and behold . So cute! The greatest gift you’ve given your child is to raise them with animals. Animals teach kids love, care, loyalty and so much more. It’s so lovely to see these huge dogs guard and care for your baby. How amazing dogs are if you raise them with love. I would love to see these babies keep growing up together 💕😇 I think it’s such a wonderful scene. When I see Ted is growing bigger more faster than Mia it feels like Ted is gonna protect Mia(?) from anything. It’s like Ted talking to Mia ‘Don’t you worry. I’m always here for you’ It’s so touching. I love it🐕🥺😍 I love the way the puppy is ever excited! The two are really cute🥰 Im 60, my dad bought me a labradore pup when i was around the same age..she protected me like a angel when i grew up.i was around 16 when she past away, i was devestated and i still think about her every day. It looks like that little girl and ted will share a great time..I tbrought a little tear to my eyes…soppy old git that i to you all.. I never see this type bond my eyes are overwhelmed ..I love animals ❤️ This just has to be the no.1 video you’ve made so far. Its just the most precious video. I’m a sucker for babies, toddlers and puppies any way.

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