They feel as if someone new has come to our family.💖🐶👼😻💗

I think Niko was looking for a treat for a split second. What a beautiful family you have. I’m happy for Phil, Niko, and Milo. They are going to love that baby so much. What happy times these are for your whole family. Enjoy! Haha this was sooo sweet . I think Phil was looking for some lint cookie in the belly button . 😂 Mama looks beautiful and its nice to hear Shane talk a little more and that he is excited for his baby to come . 💚 I love the way the parents also baby their pets. This video helps cure my depression! I wish for a happy & healthy baby for you & the puppy crew! Just precious how Phil loves Baby Bump Matthews and Nikon & Milo stay close to Mum too.💞 That was too adorable..kisses and love to you delivery when the time come Emma🙏😘😘😘😘😘🙌 Philly Phil is So Sweet , Smart n Cute 🐕💙Niko is Cute n Milo is Fluffy Cat They are going to ❤️ the Baby 😻 That little baby will have one of the best fur families around. 🐾❤️ I can’t yet determine if the baby is going to be acting like a dog or a cat. Fur babies are going to try to influence the learning process 😆😗❤️ Phil is so careful around her and the baby. He knows and he does what he can to be safe for them both. I like that. The fur babies are watching over the baby. But I think Phil really is going to be really close to the baby.

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