She’s smart sure but he is an amazingly patient & supportive trainer, good on him.

This is the kind of guy I’d love to have around just to hang out with the family. He’s so chill and sweet.She’s so smart! Seeing her hide with the chair was hilarious. Not surprised at all to learn that BM was in her dna…they’re highly intelligent. It’s funny that she has two high drive working breeds in her along with two cuddle-bunny lap breeds. She definitely got the best of both.The way she looks at the guy and then pushes the treat button without looking at the button, hilarious! That is one smart dog!My dog learned how to play hide and seek too, but as the seeker. She would nose the curtains aside, push around blankets, and sniff the floor to find me. And when she did, she would start leaping, barking, and running, she was too proud! This video reminds me of her. Loved it!My dog and I are watching this together – I think she’s intimidated by Lola’s intelligence lolThis is one my favorite videos of all time! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ This video had me grinning ear to ear. What a smart, beautiful, baby. Kudos to this man for the kindness and love he obviously has for her. May God bless you both.❤😇❤😇I have never known a dog who plays and understands hide m seek! Extraordinary ❤Say what you want about how amazingly smart Lola is but without her owner encouraging her and spending so much time with her I don’t know as if she’d really have a time to shine. I give this guy a ton of credit WOW!!! I got 1000 likes, I think that’s a first for me. Thanks for playing everyone👍🏻Watching this at bedtime was a bad idea. I’m wide awake from the laughing I did. She is SO FUNNY! Well, the treat button withdrawal was serious, and I’m ashamed I laughed hard at that. And I see the bath button can also mean hide and seek, but not the other way around. We are on to you, Lola. We should see more of Lola. She needs her own channel!What a little comedian! I’m so impressed with her daddy’s interactions with her. All that one on one attention and truly enjoying his time with her… thats how you get the very best out of them.

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