Watch the doberman afraid of the toy puppy excellent reactions

I love how the stuffed toy just pops out of no where and i love the fake bark lol 😂😂😂If you wanted an aggressive guard dog, you should have gotten a chihuahua! Everyone knows that lapdogs like Doberman, pit bulls or German shepherds are going to be scared of plush toys!Her reaction is why we love dobermans. When the “enemy” was not moving there was no real threat. What a wonderful girl. They are so intelligent. If anyone knows a good breeder in California, let me know.Another reason that it’s super cute is because even though she’s obviously on alert because of the toy she still goes in between it and the humans (people she’s trying to protect I assume) and tries to “scare off” the “intruder” even though she’s scared herself. A magnificent doggoWhen I’ve tried to prank my cat with a toy cat,he looked at me like “how dumb do you think I am?” 😂 Tem nem vergonha, com medo de um cachorrinho do tamanho de nada 😂😂mas é inocente o bichinho. 😍um cachorrinho do tamanho de nada 😂😂mas é inocente o bichinhoI laughed so hard!! All my 3 dogs came running and barking, thinking there’s some dog in the house alerting of a danger or something. To funny, had to share!! Great clip!! Thank you for sharing!!I think the funniest thing about this video is that my neighbor’s dogs started barking when they heard the video barking.We Doberman owners know that since these dogs bond strongly with us, it’s a relationship that’s to be respected. I trust that these people can draw the line between play (fun) and teasing (stress,) which is important, of course. And Dobes let us know when they’re stressed! Beautiful dog.

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