4 day old goat meets 4 month old puppy and gives amazing reactions🐐❤️🐕

It’s amazing how gentle the dog tries to be. He slipped a little and almost knocked the goat down,but caught himself. I think they will be good friends…I love the adorable retriever’s crash-landings into the bed! 🤣That big bumbling puppy wants to play so bad! OMG He’s so cute and clumsy and excited. What a sweetie. Here’s hoping the little goat grows quickly and becomes a suitable playmate. :)This puppy is going to grow up to be one incredibly friendly loving dogI love how the goat is just cluelessly looking around wondering what is happening while the puppy jumps around it with a beautiful smile on its face.I love how puppies are clumsy! He’s so excited about the goat, jumping around, knocking furniture over lolI wished they had continued to make vids of these two as they got older. I can just imagine in another month or two what the two of them were like!The baby goat is like “…what’s up with this guy? I’m just born, calm down.”😄That’s pretty much how I expected a four month old puppy dog to react! Too cute!,I love when your puppers starts with the zoomies trying to play 😂😂😂That puppy is remarkably gentle and well behaved my pups would have wrestled the goat playfully but much more rambunctiously whether the goat was ready or not. This pup is playful but sweet.OMG, they are so adorable. The puppy is sooooo excited over the goat. He definitely wants to play! I think he scared the little goat a bit though. Where did you get a goat for a pet? You are so lucky.The sliding around was hilarious😍😍😍💖💖The puppy is so excited, he really wants to play with his new friend.💖LOL! That goat is adorable! He’s so cute when trying to jump a little. The look on that dog’s face while watching him is hilarious.

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