Confused Golden Retriever Recognized the German Shepherd Rocky on TV!

I think the German Shperard is just as perplexed as the Golden Retriver here 😅😅🥰 what sort of magic is this? Que graciosoooss , Bailey viendo a Rocky y Rocky viendose igualmente, son preciososss, me encantaaaannn 🐶🐶❤❤First time I’ve ever seen a dog actually reacting on a video or watching TV I love ItDog TV for Bailey 😁 At first he just looks and listens with great interest. And then he tries to join the conversation and responds to Rocky’s howls 👍😂❤🐾Confused Golden Retriever Recognized the German Shepherd Rocky on TV! This is Meta. Also an excellent new genre of reaction video haha, – these dogs are such a pleasure to watch!Bailey is saying this thing is full of plot holes. Love the little framed picture of Bailey.I love how he sits on his own little throne watching 😂😂😂💜💜It’s funny how dogs always tilt their heads sideways while deeply observing something. And the barking/howling afterwards… hilarious 😂😂Adorable! Rocky ha crecido con Bailey, y lo saben. Hace tanto que no los veo juntos en la actualidad…😔. Quisiera verlos juntos, y con el Gran Osito gigante de Teddy. Rocky, el Gran Capitán y Bailey, el Gran Hermano. Every golden retriever is so adorable and loving like Bailey? or do you have to train them to be like this? I’d like to have one but I don’t know if I’ll manage. I have no experience with dogs.Golden Retrievers are smart. I have one at home. Her name is Riley. So are Pitts. I had two girls who passed recently. Char and Ruo. I love and miss them.I’m sitting here watching a dog watcha dog watcha dog. And loving it. Tho I may need to look into getting a life.I’ts very funny the way the dogs are looking at the television ! ♥I think Bailey thinks Rocky looks at HIM. Bailey brings a smile to my face as soon as I SEE HIM. 😍❤

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