German Shepherd Loyalty and Incredible Protective Instinct👼❤️🐕‍🦺

He tried to save you. 😅👍❤❤what a dog so cute love german shepherds ❤❤❤ had one too he was the best and I want more videos 😍😍The dog who “saved” the young gal in the pool deserves a steak!That first shepherd was the best dog I’ve ever seen👍 Treat he or she well!Oh, my gosh. The dog with the wiggle walk was the most hysterical thing I’ve seen in a long time. I could NOT stop laughing.We used to have a big ass GSD back home when I was young… His name was Ringo… Very loyal to our family and very protective too! My baby sister used to call him big brother 😂… Died of old age, sad.. but happy since he lived his full life! Oh my god they are all so cute I had also one but he died this year 😭 he was also so cute and my best friend 🖤❤A friend of mine had a GS and my youngest was afraid of him. He was such a gentle guy he would sit next to her to protect her from what she was afraid of. Always looking around for the threat. Lol, he never knew it was him she was scared of.My fave breed of dog. I love it when their ears grow big but they haven’t caught up with them. All the dogs and puppies in this video are all very well looked after.Love the german shepherd jumping into the pool helping the girl so sweetWow, that precious sweetheart was saving that girl from drowning in the pool, what a great babe!! ❤ all of these dogs!! ❤💙💖

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