Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog Fight for Mom’s Attention

Don’t worry Bailey, there’s enough of mom’s love to go around. ❤❤Aww Bailey seems impatient about losing his mom. Don’t worry Bailey, your mom loves you very much ❤️A letter of appreciation to Bailey’s mom and dad. We enjoy seeing Bailey so much that we now have our own. He is called Barley. He too is cute like your Bailey.I love it when Bailey stops what he’s doing and barks. Two beautiful doggiesBailey wants mom for his own, including the bed. But Teddy defends his place next to her very well. Not so easy to push aside this huge, fluffy teddy bear 😂❤ Teddy’s biting on Bailey’s leg for squishing himself between mom and him. That’s so funny 😂 Bailey is such a selfish dog and Teddy is not having it. LOL!Los dos luchan por estar en primer lugar, tanto Bailey como Teddy, son para comérselos a besos y achuchones. 🥰🤗Teddy’s and Bailey both so cuddly just so adorable playing with each other. Both Teddy and Bailey are absolutely beautifulI thought it was very funny when Teddy went under Bailey so he could bite his leg. It’s nice to see Teddy play with Bailey. Those dogs are having a lot of fun here.Bailey wants all of mom’s attention. I think Teddy thinks the same. Don’t worry you guys. Mom loves you both very much and she will give you both an equal amount of attention. So cute! 🥰❤️And with their tails they scare away evil spirits, 😁🥰 their tails are like the blades of a helicopter 😂😘They are such a wonderful dogs ❤I love your channel, your content is too good 😀Bailey and all these animals have T_H_E best life!! Lucky dogs, lucky people!!😍💞💗Un video con Rocky running! Quisiera verlo correr. Semejante belleza de animal. Son unos magníficos papis de todos sus hijitos. Gracias. 🙏❤🐾❤Bailey loves his beautiful mom very much ❤️❤️

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