The Joy Of Taking Care For Orphaned Kittens 🥰

They’re adorable 😍You do a great work. Thanks for helping so many cats🙂I simply can’t handle it…..they just exist in a world of extreme cuteness!! Love it!! 😍This really warmed my soul and made my day. Thanks to all those that foster fur babies. 😼You’ve done an amazing job with those precious kittens. Thank you for ALL you do for the kittens and cats. May God continue to Bless you and your work. 🤗💕🙏😻💕🥰🙏💕Such a heartbreaking, yet rewarding task. Thank you for the lives you’ve saved and the many more to come😸 I’m so glad their kitten videos are still on YouTube. I love these little guys, and though they are no longer little – and some have gone to forever homes – I still like watching them when they were young. Please set up a Donation Button so I can help you rescue more babies!As a cat mom of 4 orphan kittens I fully understand you ❤️ also i have bought them the same toys and nest as well! They totally love them 😍♥️ My mom didn’t like cats at all but after she saw me take care of them she’s always looking forward to play and cuddle with them now ❤️ Bless them and bless you for doing this 🙏♥️What an adorable crew! I can’t wait to see more highlight reels of the other cute little furballs you’re taking care of! ❤🐾Again, great, GREAT job taking care of everybody. They all look so happy and healthy. Such wonderful, WONDERFUL news that all of this has been happening. It’s meaning a whole lot to me. Thank you again.You guys are the best. I hope your channel grows and you can eventually open up your cat shelter one day! Thanks for these wonderful moments 💖. Dessy in her fluffy suit and the kittens laying on her sleeping, so cute, she‘s such a lovely kitten mom. 🙋🏻‍♀️😊 You guys are awesome for what you do for the kitties. These little babies are so cute! Bless you for what you do for the kitties and keep up the good work. Be safe and take care. 😍🤗🐱🐱🙏

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