Their mother is gone. We found 6 poor puppies on the train tracks.💔🙏🙏🙏

The NOBLE WORK You all do—- I have no word to describe. Many many thanks from the Soul of my 💜❤️Keep it up. DO, AS YOU ARE DOING NOW, IN THE COMING DAYS.Thank you so much for rescuing the lonely and gorgeous pups, and for giving their brave mom a dignified burial 11:14. May God bless youThank you for giving those little angels so much love, thank youThank you so much to all the kind guys to save many many precious lives🙏👍💚I bet the mother is looking down and telling those people, “Thank you for saving my babies” ❤️ Thank you ❤️😊 you walked so far to save these babies.Thank you so much!!! 💕They are so cute! I hope they get strong and healthy and find their furever homes💜Thank you for rescuing these babies, giving their mother a proper burial, and not leaving her there. Rest in Peace to their poor mother.Thank you so much for your rescuing these pups and properly burying their poor mother.Thank God for people who rescue animals and provide them with their help needed 🙏❤️ Thank you so much for saving those precious babies. It broke my heart that their momma died, probably hit by the train. God Bless you.🙏🏻❤️Thank God for people with a big heart. Well done boys!I’m very sad about the mother dogs death and there was nobody there to help her and her babies didn’t know what was happening, but at least it was quick and painless so she didn’t have to suffer, and at least her babies are safe, thank you for being absolute heroes.Thank you for rescuing and taking care of all These puppies. God will bless you.💞Thank you for helping those puppies they’re beautiful‼︎ God bless you❣️🙏

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