Tiny chihuahua puppy adorably teases sleepy American bulldog

Look how gentle this bulldog is 😍 just too cute for words 😍So sweet. I can almost imagine the big dog thinking: “Meh, this is no big deal. We were all young once.” ❤Such a sweet and gentle dog 🐶 love how he’s being ever so gentle with the tiny one :)He knows how tiny and fragile the puppy is.. so adorable! ❤️❤️I love how the older dog understands the young pups energy..Such a good sibling..I love how gentle he is with the tiny puppy. Just so adorable..love the bell collar🥰As precious and adorable as the little guy is… I find that my heart melts at how gentle the big guy is. He is the poster boy of a gentle giant These older dogs remind me of grandparents. Too old to have that much energy but still young enough to interact. ❤❤❤This video sure brought a smile to my face!! So stinkin adorable. The bulldogs paw is almost as big as the pup and yet he was so careful with it. ThanksLove how gentle the big dog was with the harmless little Chihuahua puppy. Big guy understands the assignment.I had a pitbull and my mom had a chihuahua. The little one would always wanna play, just like that but the big dog never really cared if it bit and barked. It’s like a wind up toy vs a tonka truck, they know to be gentlethe attitude of the wee puppy is so adorable and how gentle is the bulldog he’s just want to rest but still being gentle with the pup ..How Precious!! He’s tired but yet he plays so gently with his little fur sibling!! They both are ADORABLE!!😍😍💞💞The bulldog is so gentle with the little one… How adorable, they’ll be best friends I bet ya. All the best little family 💕This somehow reminds me of a Little Rascals episode from many a year ago.The bulldog with eye patch is gorgeous.Good peaceful video!🏆

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