Abandoned Puppy Followed Us Home And We Let Him In

The way he keeps looking up as if you say “do you want me now.. please take me you all look lovely” so inspiring and cute😍Poor baby, you could tell he was just exhausted. Thank you for the love and kindness you have shown him. You guys are the answer to the prayers of those of us who pray for neglected and abused animals all over the world. ❤️Thank you! I pray that he’s doing well. Please post updates! ❤️At the end when he was so sleepy he was falling over. My heart! He can finally relax and not worry about sleeping in the cold or rain. It warms my heart that ppl will just take in a dog off the streets with no hesitation. Especially in places like this where strays are literally everywhere. ❤Choosing an animal is one thing. But an animal choosing you is something not many get to experience. You’ve been blessed ❤Bro imagine how happy he will be when he wakes up the next morning and he’s still there and it wasn’t just a dream I too don’t know how people can abandon poor puppies/dogs. They are so precious. If they can’t keep a dog, bring it to a shelter. Thank God that lovely young girl took the puppy in. I am sure God will reward her in the future.He’s just happy that someone actually cares enough to care for him and love him!! God bless you for loving these sweet forgotten babies!!! ♥️🐾🐾I love these types of moments, heart felt and warm loving moments that inspire everyone too jump on board too be a loving parent or guardianThank you is all I can say. For all the abandoned puppies.. how could someone leave such cute beautiful animals like that! Bless you all! 🎉 Thank you for taking care of that pup and for taking care of all the other animals you rescue! Keep up the great work!!This was SO beautiful! He looked so at peaceful at the end and like he can finally rest. Thank you for giving him the love he deserves. ❤❤❤Thank you for loving the little guy and giving him a chance to survive and love you unconditionally. Some people are the worst animals on earth. They don’t deserve the love of a precious dog, it’s obvious that you and your family do. Again thank you ❤That little tail wagging so fast as he was at the door. 🥹 thank you for rescuing him! ❤❤So zärtlich und liebevoll ,wie Du mit diesem Hundebaby umgehst, ist einfach wundervoll. Bleib bitte wie Du bist, denn Du bist ein Geschenk Gottes für diese Welt!!!!Danke das es Dich gibt. Alles Liebe für Euch beide💞❤️

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