Kakoa & Sky traveled back 100 Million years and met their first Dinosaur… Sky sure had a lot to say to him! 😂

Ok. Honestly, I’m more impressed with the costume than the reaction of the dogs. Wow!😮Where did you find it?It’s Blue from Jurassic World! She is truly one of my favorite dinosaurs. This video is so adorable btw. The doggos reactions are hilarious!🥰🥰🥰 think they’re getting used to dad pranking them now lol My Milly loves hide and seek rather disguise games, her shrieks get louder n louder the more excited she gets with finding me 😂🤣😂Kakoa knew it was Daddy Kenny. Lol Sky wasn’t so sure. Love how they still play with each other. Give them a big belly rub. Susan, ZiggyZoo & Kenai😂😂 I love how kakoa’s ears were back and yet she still greeted the dinosaur! -“We’d better pretend we’re scared so our human doesn’t feel sad that he didn’t fool us.”-Huskies run around the room like they don’t know what to do. Human dinosaur leaves with toy.-“Mission accomplished.” 😄They knew it’s their human, through his “scent” despite the Dino costume. Dogs have powerful sense of smell. It’s one of their most unique and awesome characteristic.🐕😊characteristic.🐕😊They even look cute when they get scared 😊No sooner had the dinosaur opened its mouth, than our huskies began to quarrel about who would get its head and who would get its fingers 😅😋🥰Love how the dogs don’t give a damn about a raptor in the house. Lol! Sniffed him out immediately.That was SO cute! It looked like Sky was trying to keep Kakoa away from the scary Dino! 💕🥲Look at the doggies. They know it’s their buddy in the suit. Happy doggies.😀Haha! 😂 They where such good boys! they recognized you right away! ❤❤❤ treats!!!The dogs are like: we can smell our funny mom or dad thru that funky costume 🐕🐕The dogs been pranked so much, they don’t even pretend to be scared anymore 😆

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