Our one-year-old German Shepherd, Beck, was very nervous and had an incredible reaction when we first brought our red cat Bleu home.

I love watching Beck & Bleu together, brought tears to my eyes at the feisty kitten’s and gentle dog’s love for each other. The cuddling is wonderful.I love how they play together. In a world filled with chaos and violence it is so nice to see something that warms the heart. Beautiful.I love how Bleu nestled himself right into Beck’s arms at the end. They were meant for each other.I absolutely love how gentle he is with HIS kitten. He is fully aware, that even a little bit of pressure could hurt his NOW bestfriend!This dog is like the dads that say “we’re not having a pet” and later they’re like “come here sweetty”I like no music too. I have watched this a few times and it is so wonderfully calming. I have cats my whole life and my sister has had both German Shepherds and cats, Germans are perfect with cats!Their interaction feels pure and natural. I want to raise my pets this way one day. <3EDIT: I mean as natural as a domesticated setting can be.. within the circumstances, they seem to have learned a way of respect and consideration that is accessible through an intuitive way of communication, crossing the borders of races. It makes me think that you as humans have found a way to actually communicate with them, which is more rare than most humans would think..The kitty playpen is a brilliant idea for introducing kittens to dogs, keeping them safe in their own environment! Great, responsible pet owners!😻😻😻The dog is very gentle. Like he’s aware about how much stronger and bigger he is. Very smart.It is amazing to see how both of them play just rough enough and know how not to hurt each other. I do wonder how many times they made mistakes before they figured that out, though.

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