My Huskies Funny Reaction to me Stealing Their Bed!😴🐕‍🦺

When the dogs took the couch, I have actually fallen asleep on their beds, watching t.v. before. A few times actually. They are pretty comfy. My family was joking they would get me one for Christmas. I fell asleep on my sister’s dogs bed at thanks giving. It has a head rest on it and looks like a little love seat.😂I love Kakoa’s captions for what she’s thinking. So funny. Towards the end, she’s like will everyone stop trying to take my bed!The fact you’ve trained your dog to avoid licking you is the real gem. Can relate. My dog rarely licks me, but does it incessantly at the vet or daycare when he goes. He knows I love him without him having to show it back in that manner… haha. They want your attention, and know how to get it — but they avoid explicitly licking except for the small taps to keep your attention and know they want something from you.Kokoa is so cute and funny. To dad, she is saying “you look nice to be eaten. So let me taste you. 🤣🤣🤣🤣”. To mom, she is saying “you look tired. So I will let you rest on my bed. 🤣🤣🤣🤣”. To sky, she is saying “you have your own bed, so go and sleep on your bed. Or we will have a sisterly fight 🤣🤣🤣🤣”Kakoa has the best reaction in this video, I couldn’t stop laughin 😂😂😂 both huskies are soooo adorableeeee 😂😂✨💖💖It’s adorable how Kakoa tolerated her Mommy and Daddy but was NOT letting Sky on her bed. My German Shepherd is the same way about her bed, if you try to get on it she pokes you with her nose till you leave 🥰🥰 Our husky used to sleep on our couch. When somebody sits on it, she would immediately jump on the couch and snuggle until she is able to get the person off and find another seat. 😅 Now that she has grown up, we needed to get her a cage so she could have her own place to rest. 🥰I did that with my dog once. Smartypants realized what I was doing, didn’t think twice, ran up the stairs and made himself comfortable on my bed… XDYeah, mom and dad! Kokoa respected you two as her leaders, but, on the inside, she wanted to put them paws on yall. So, she took it out on Sky, instead.😅🤣Sky and kakoa were like: I think daddies gone crazy, he’s laying in my bed and not moving, weird. 😂💙💙It is so funny and adorable at the same time. The look on Kakoa’s face is priceless. She’s like what is going on? I want to be in my bed. I love it. Your family of 4 is the best.

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