Pit Bull Starved on Heavy Chain all his Life! He Grabbed my Hand and Asked to Rescue Him💔🦮🙏

If I were in your country, I would have a house with a big yard, and adopt all these sweet babies so they would know what it’s like to be loved, not thrown away!! God bless you for saving these babies – the world needs more people like you in it!! ♥️👍🐾🐾God bless everyone who was involved with rescuing Toby. You gave him a second chance and him learning what love is. I pray he finds his forever loving home!!! 🙏❤️Just that smile shows what a happy soul you guys have saved. Destined to starve all alone, you gave him a second chance in life. Thank you so much!!No matter the circumstances, you DO NOT leave your do (or any animals) chained up with no access to food and water.Thank you so much to the rescuers for saving Toby’s life and I hope that he soon finds a loving home….he’s beautiful. 🙏❤👏I don’t care what your circumstances, you don’t leave a dog chained up and left behind. The least they could’ve done was unchain that sweet boy! Thank you for saving him Sending you so much love for rescuing this dog. Your kindness and love don’t just affect this dog, but all of us who watch. Be the change you want to see. Thank you.Wow! Toby is such a good boy!! After everything he had been through, and still wagging his tail… I was balling with sadness and disgust in this world, but you saving him, wow! Look at him now! GOD SEES YOU ALL ❤️🐾❤️🐾It is awesome what you guys do/did!! Changed his life for the better!! Look what a happy dog he is now!! Just the Christmas spirit I needed today!! 😀 I love Toby, what a good dog. And you guys are true heroes <3I’d never have anything around his neck again, I’d use a harness, after all the years he was trapped by the knack with that chain.Thank you for saving him 🙏❤️Poor little boy. This mixed pittie was surprinsingly friendly after all he must have gone through. Thank you lovely ladies for having saved and looked after him!! God bless you all!! You are a great woman ! Thank you for all the rescue dogs. My heart is with you ❤Thank you for saving Toby. He is a beautiful boy. I hope you find a loving forever home for him. He seems to be a happy loving dog now that he is fed, shown love and has a warm bed and safety. Please keep us updated on how his life moves forward from here. Once again thank you. 💗💓💞Oh my God I absolutely HATE people who leave their dogs this way! Thank you so much for saving this sweet angel! No matter what the circumstances are no animal needs to be left like this OH MY GOD WAKE UPIn the midst of everything going on around you, you chose to emerge and help those who could not help themselves. We are praying for you all every day and I truly wish I could do more and that my country would do more. Please stay strong and stay safe and thank you for saving him.It always shocks me how people can treat their animals. Thank you for all you do in rescuing these babies.

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