Whether you’re on a short mission or a long trip, at school, at work or in the military, you’ll find your beloved dog waiting for you as if you haven’t seen it in a long time.❤️🐾🐕💗😘😘

Nosso verdadeiro amigos Amor sem limites 🐶🐶No matter where you come from or where you grew up. Everyone can appreciate how happy an animal is to see you come home.I think it’s sweet that some of us are just as goofy to see them as they are to see us!❤️the smiling golden retriever was so adorable 😭I dont think I stopped smiling the entire time!! 😁 My favorite part of my day is when I get home from work and both my 100lb dogs come flying down the hall excited, barking, jumping, spinning, making crazy noises, knocking stuff over left and right!! 🤣🤣🤣 Nobody ever gets as excited to see u as ur pups! Dont matter if it’s been 5 mins or 5 days, they’re always like HEEEEELLLLLL YEEEEAAAAHHHHH HE’S HOME!!!!Truly amazing how much man and dog has evolved over thousands of years. I just love how at 13:43 that persons beagle is howling for him showing that he views him as part of his pack ❤Nothing beats the homecoming a dog gives you when you return home whether it’s from a day of work or an extended time away they no doubt give the best kisses and hugs and are always so excited to see you. You cannot measure the love they give it’s insurmountable.The GREATEST thing happens daily when I get home and my dogs greet me!❤️ edit: THANK YOU FOR a wonderful video.Those back hip swaying and that tail wagging. You know they are so happy and loved.The bond between humans and dogs seems to be growing “ we all need a loyal companion “ they are irreplaceable !!🥰

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