No One Wanted a Special Kitten Until He Met This Woman.

Nothing wrong with Zeke’s loving heart. All he needed was a family to love him as he is and let him share his kitten love with them! Love is the most powerful of could anyone NOT want a special needs kitty or other animal?..i love all creatures, but my heart bleeds for the disadvantaged creatures who need help..thank you for loving and caring for zeke.honestly having a cat like this would be kinda hard because you’d just love it so much and you’d get heavily attached because of how innocent this cat is.He’s absolutely precious! I mean truly irresistible. Maybe people were afraid that they couldn’t sufficiently meet his needs. I’m so glad someone adopted him. He’s a gift from heaven.This baby is so lovable! Bless the woman and her other kitty who gave this boy the opportunity to thrive and to have a wonderful loving life! Such a cutie!I cannot imagine people passing that kitty by. He’s such an adorable kitty with a face that says, “ look how sweet I am.”You got such a sweet, caring, loving furball, who quite clearly enjoys living with you. How can someone abandon a kitten! Such an awful thing to do. An animal has a soul and feelings, too. Thank you very much for looking after this poor kitten

Kittens a few hours after birth, Mom cat is very busy to wash her body and her babies💓😻

Beautiful mother cat and little kittens and so sweet. Thank you very much.👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤Great mom the babies are beautiful 😊 A little concerned she was so tied & breathing very heavy at times Tanti cari auguri e mamma gattina Samel , per la nascita dei suoi meravigliosi gattini British shorthair, e congratulazioni. Grazie mille per i vostri meravigliosi video. Bacioni da Laura e dall’Italia ❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻🍼🍼🍼🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🎉🎉🎉🌹🌹🌹Czy ta biedna mama nie jest już zbyt wyczerpane tym ciągłym opiekowaniem się. Przecież można było zrobić jej przerwę, aby rozpoczęła. Jest mi jej bardzo żal. Jest przeznaczona ta ciągle opieką. 😢😢 ZIt’s The Momma Cat That Gaved Birth To 4 Kitties On Yesterday’s Video😍❤️🤰🐈🐱!!!Beautiful mother cat and little kittens and so sweet. Thank you very much.👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤🥰Congratulations to you Dear Mom Cat, and also to your Family members, who are taking such good care of you, with these 4 newly born kittens. God Bless you guysAnother good mother like Xaxa. This breed is calm, patient and enduring. Wonderful!❤a cat who is sweet and loves her children very cute, looks like she is amused when her mother cleans her body, they are very close and look happy

She was rescued then becomes A Mom To 3 Orphaned Kittens After Losing Her Own Litter Of puppies💞🐕‍🦺❤️🙏🙏

Thank you Thank you Thank you ❤❤Thank you 💞💞The red tabby is gorgeous. I would adopt that one in a heartbeat!Hay pobre mamá 😢😢, pero que linda es como cuida de los gatitos como si fueran de ella no se puede ser más buena se merece tener un hogar una familia que le dé todo lo que necesite y mucho amor a esta gran mamá , que sea muy feliz se lo merece 🙏🙏My God my God you people are the mining of Love ❤️ real mining of Love is you people ❤️ God bless you my friend God bless 🙌 🙏No cabe duda que Dios tiene sus planes 🙏🙏😇💞 no dejó a Georgina sin hijos y tampoco dejó sin mamá a los gatitos 😃👍😸😺🐩🐕 😺🐾🐾🙏❤️😍👏👏👏👏 formó una linda familia !!!!!!! 🐩😺😺😺😘🌷 Gracias a todos ustedes por ayudarlos 🙏 🙋🏻‍♀️🇲🇽😌🇲🇽☺️ y al adoptante de Georgina 🐩💞 sus días pasados ya quedaron atrás….ahora está sana y es inmensamente feliz !!!! 👏👏👏👏😘🐩😘Que hermosa mamita !!fuerte ,valiente , amorosa!que alegría que tienen un hogar tan lindo lleno de amor y cuidados para siempre ..que Dios los cuide mucho peluditos bellos todos, Gracias,muchas gracias por rescatar y salvar vidas preciosas que valen mucho la pena ,amo a los peluditos a todos, GRACIAS!!🙏🙏❤️❤️Cena bonita de se ver. Até os animais podem se entender,a maioria dos humanos não. Obrigada a vcs,pelo trabalho amoroso e incansável!Dios y la Virgencita de Guadalupe los bendigan por siempre y para siempre por hacer esta labor tan humana y hermosa. Así sea. AMÉN. ✨✨💙

The dog wandered to find the owner in fatigue and the truth stunned us💔

Thank you for giving her the love she probably never had. Such a gorgeous dog!Bendiciones Infinitas 🙏🕊️🙏 a las personas que apoyaron a este ser.indefenso.Gracias !!! Ojalá y llegué una persona ” normal y EVOLUCIONADA y le brinde amor por siempre a este pequeño ser. ” La mejor especie creada” 🐕🐆🐩🐄🦢🐰🐂🐭🐩🐒🕊️🙏🕊️🙏🕊️🐄That was wonderful to see! God bless you for saving her and giving her a happy life at last. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed! Take care, Gary from Chicago.Deep gratitude to Myalabay who tried her hardest to bring Yulduz back to health even though she has to take meds till the end. Special thanks because Yulduz is not a puppy, but a sick old dog that most rescuers are reluctant to save. THANK YOU!Thank you so much for taking her in, caring for her, and going through so much with her medical problems and the cost. She is a beautiful dog. I’m glad that pure soul found her faithful family by fate, she is healed (with the exception of being on meds), and she has a happy life. Her confidence shows!!! Thank you and God bless you all!!! She has a grey heart marking on her left rear. It must mean something. She was always meant to feel and be love because she has a lot of love to give. So glad she now has her forever companions.Bendiciones infinitas por rescatar a la hermosa peludita , muchas Gracias por tratarla de sus problemas de salud , ahora está hermosa , tranquila y muy feliz, muchas gracias por salvarla!🙏🙏🙏Obg por existir e fazer pobres anjinho abandonados e doentes felizes e curado as q Deus te dê saúde sempre para proteger esses animais amém 🙏🙌Vielen Dank das sie den Hund gerettet haben, Gott segne sie weiterhin für so ein gutes Herz 🙏ich hoffe er hat noch viele gute Jahre vor sich 👍🙏🙏🙏❣️💙Tudo de bom e um futuro melhor para essa adorada cachorrinha já sofreu demais por causa da malvadez e indiferença do seu antigo donosDeus proteja todos os seres humanos que encontram E cuidam desses seres tão queridosPessoas que fazem tão mal aos animais um dia quando velhos deveriam de ter o mesmo pagoE não me venham dizer por ser bem tem de ser amparadoPessoas não sabem o que eles fizeram em novos mas Deus está lá para dar o recado e o trocoMenino querido as melhoras que seja feliz até um dia ele ter de partir ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Pois se tem donos que não ligam para cuidar dos dogs qdo estão doentes , mas esse vai ficar doente também e ninguém a de ajuda ló 🤮 Obrigada a vc que cuidou dela e a adotou , vc faz a diferença , muito obrigada ❤️🙏

Husky Becomes Obsessed With Man Living On The Street In Paris | The Dodo

Thank you and Sora for helping this man! I came across this video by accident and started watching it out of boredom. The dog was cute and the homeless man was nice and kind and it was overall a wholesome video. And then I gasped! Bruno is from Latvia, just like me! Never thought to experience this because we Latvians are a small country, with our population scattered across the world. I am happy to see that he got help from the most unexpected place, a cute doggo ❤That’s a wonderful story, a man and a dog, giving of themselves to give someone else love. Kudos to the man for overcoming his bias and letting him and Sora brighten Bruno’s world and change his life for the better. Bruno did the same for them too. It’s so sweet he still comes by every week to give Sora some love.This just warms my heart the love these two have for each other for being somewhat strangers. Pets can sense the goodness in a loving human being. ❤️If you believe in past lives, these two were once soulmates. Thank you to Sora’s parents for allowing such a beautiful bond to blossom and for helping Bruno. ❤️I haven’t really been a believer in past lives but something about watching this immediately had me thinking that somewhere in their past lives Bruno and Sora were bonded together ❤️ Absolutely heart warming 🥰 My mom has a temperamental husky who was abused before we got her, so she only warmed up to certain ppl in our family. She HATES strangers, but the first day I brought my then bf over to meet my parents, she was jumping up on him wanting hugs and kisses. She knew he was a kind, genuine person, so I married him. We are now awaiting our second son.EDIT: You know what’s weirdly wholesome? The fact that some below automatically assume it’s fake because it’s a sweet story. Makes me smile cuz i got to live it 😊Sora may not be able to give Bruno a house but I bet Sora made Bruno feel at home in that tent with all the love and cuddles she has to offer 🥹🥹💖I believe animals see and feel ones spirit or soul. I believe that’s what Sora felt with his connection to Bruno! He felt and saw his light. Beautiful story! 🌟🌟🌟What a beautiful story ❤️ 😢. They are soulful friends from a previous life, obviously. You can tell they recognised each other from before! How cool of the dog owner to let them reunite. Xthis is so pure ❤ videos like this put so much light into this world. Dogs really can sense vibes from people and Bruno was a pure soul he was meant to meet 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻

Cute Baby Meets New Baby Kitten for the First Time!

I love how gentle and careful she is with it ❤I love how she’s so gentle with him and knows not to hurt the kitty, smart baby 🤗 💜 😻This just made my day! Cuteness overload 🥰I just admire how calm and well behaved the baby girl is.Or else other kids would have irritated the hell out of kitten and squish it to death.I REALLY admire how sweet and gentle this little girl is being with such a small kitten. Even with the kitten swiping playfully, she keeps her distance and puts up with it. I wish more adults had as much grace handling animals as this toddler does.I can watch this all day. They are so gentle with each other and having a ball. ❤️Lucky little girl. Nothing more wonderful than playing with a new kitten. She’s very good with it too. No grabbing. Very sensitive. Gives it plenty of space. It’s going to be a really nice relationship.I love how they are so gentle and playful with eachother! This is the best baby pet and human duo I’ve ever seen. Love it so much! 😩😭💕Kitten claws are like needles, I’m impressed at how well she handled them! No screaming or inadvertently swatting the cat, she knew exactly how to play with it. Freaking adorable.It’s so cute how your baby girl-(*Idk if it’s a girl sorry if I’m wrong*)-is just putting her head on the little kitten and it’s very adorable 💗💖🥰😍 That’s gonna be a great friendship. Love how the first reaction is “I’ma headboop it!” Cuz let’s be honest… that is the most appropriate response to seeing any cat.Two of the most beautiful creatures performing on the same stage ❤️🐈👶The level of cuteness is… OVER 9000!!!! 😍😍😍😍The live she’s gonna have for this cat as they both grow up together is going to be irreplaceable ❤️You can tell this girl is very intelligent. She seems pretty young, maybe a year or two i would guess, but still she seems very observant about how the cat acts and she is being very gentle with it, even seemingly imitating it at times. I’m sure she will grow up to be very intelligent.

Who Left the Kitten on the Wax Train Tracks? It’s a Human Shame💔🙏🙏

Terimakasih sudah menyelamatkan kittennya dari maut dan terimakasih sudah kasih makan ❤️Thank you for saving that little kitten God will always remember you I hope you took them homePLEASE TAKE THE KITTEN HOME OR THIS WILL HAPPEN AGAINTHANK YOU ❤I am proud of you for saving this cat! Sometimes Google may have the name of the railroad or at least should have the name of the active railway company so that way, if we see something like a dog or cat on the tracks, we can send the railway company a message that there is something the tracks that shouldn’t be. That way, they can alert any train personnel such as the engineer to be prepared to stop.Thank you for saving the little kitty, I hope the cat stays healthy Thank you for helping that adorable little kittenWhat are you feeding it with? Cereals?And why didn’t you take it home?By God, I hope you didn’t leave it there! Go back for it! Bring the cat home!!Thank you for saving this kitten that’s just messed up how somebody did this kitten like thatThis kitten was seen by the god who saved her life. God did a miracle with him and may he punish those people for the way they tied him and threw him on the train tracks. I congratulate you on your care.😢🙏👏❤️Thank you for rescuing this little soul! But can you put him home? It is soo little and this world is so cruel…Some subhumans need to be taken off this planet very fast or thrown into jail and throw away the key foreverThank you for your kindnessI hope the kitten is adopted and safe❤❤ Thank you for saving the kitten!😭 You are a great human being.Love from Sweden.💛💙The little kitten is very young, the eyes are still blue, and they don’t change until around 7 weeks. Thank you for saving the kitten from a horrible death, but please feed it something better than rice. You didn’t say if you took the kitten home with you, I do hope you did, a kitten can’t make it out there all alone, it’ll die for certain, and it would have been no use saving it since in the end, it’ll die anyhow! 🤷🏼‍♀️Why didn’t you take him home instead and give him a better life dude?you leave him in streets?why?you can just adopt him…This must not be from human race that has done that cruel thing with this innocent animal. 😪😪😪💔💔💔🙏🙏🙏

Golden Retriever Becomes Foster Mom For An Abandoned Kitten With Thumbs🐈❤️🐕

Aaaawww this is so heartwarming. 💞. Perfect Match. I both a long and healthy life full of joy and love. I hope they friendship will never ending… 😘“A cat with thumbs?!! I’d better make friends with it now so it will treat me benevolently when it inevitably takes over the earth!!” – Mojito… probably! 😜Absolutely gorgeous little polydactyl baby 💕💕My heart goes out to them they are beautiful together I love it ❤❤What a beautiful thing ! Mojito and Skywalker are the best 🐈🐾🐾❣️ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL TAIL OF A KITTEN 🐈🐾🐾❤️ I love the little white kitten. Mojito is so loving and patient. Thank you for sharing.I never understand why people say dogs and cats are natural enemies. I have seen so many great dog and cat relationships including my dog Bandit and a stray that became his child that I named Silky.What a beautiful bond of friendship, truly an amazing thing… big hearts and lots of love. Thank you for sharing. ♡♡The kittens are simply magical gifts from God, just ask that big sweet canine.Thank you for this beautiful story of true friendship and love .I wish they would’ve shown the kittens paws because he actually has a thumb it’s a birth defect but it does not hurt them whatsoever it just looks funny . I wish I had one of those cats with a thumb on him so that way in case my car breaks down he can hitch a ride for us ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha😂😂Bu ne tatlilik Allah’im. Tam öpülmelik bu kücük afacan… arkadas olmalarida harika. Yerim ben sizi.. 🤗🐈🥰🐈🥰🧿Such a beautiful friendship. So happy cat found a home and a special friend. Love story. 🥰🥰😺I absolutely love this special little kitten I had a group of these special cats and two of them got stolen and another disappeared and I still miss them there extremely intelligent a d so loving and playful God bless you and keep you safe and meet your every need Peggy Lynn Smith from Corbin KentuckyWhat a beautiful and perfect pair❤❤❤🙏🙏 God bless you for saving this cutie and introducing them to their soulmate!!💕💕👏👏

Stray Kittens Can’t Stop Cuddling With The Policeman Who Rescued Them

This is only one small reason to NEVER defund the police. They show it doesn’t matter what your idea of life is ALL LIVES MATTERS GENTLEMEN I salute you and yours! 🙏❤️👍🐕🐈 That is so cute TJ and Max, thank you Officer for giving these beautiful babies a home. You are a blessing. 🙏🏾🐈🐕💕Absolutely the best thing he could have done and, where I’m concerned, the ONLY thing he coule have done. He’s obviously a wonderful human being. Good on you, Officer Adkins.Thanks to Officer Adkins for saving these beautiful little souls even though you are very busy. You’re a very special person❤😊🐾What ADORABLE names!! TJ & MAXX, we’re glad you’re safe and with your hero!! Thanks for taking the time, Officer Adkins, and for sharing this with us!! I hope TJ Maxx sends your furbabies the nicest fuzzy beds they have, and toys, and brushes, you’ll need them all and LOVE it!! Best to your lil’ furfam! The kitten’s are so adorable and beautiful thanks so much for taking them home you are a wonderful person ❤❤Nice to see policemen doing something good 😊 glad you helped these fur babies! Shame we don’t often hear of outstanding officers like yourselves over here in the uk kindest regardsThat’s a super story of compassion and care. We never know when a huge new responsibility is going to drop into our laps to test our humanity. It happened to this policeman that day and he stepped up admirably.Thank you Sir! You are among the best of men. May you and your new furry little friends have long and happy lives together.Those two cops are heroes to me. I hope that the officer who decided to adopt those two kittens will get to have them and enjoy being their human father for many, many happy and healthy yearsI’m so glad he kept them!❤

This Shelter Kitten Steals People’s Hearts And Grows Into a Beautiful, Fluffy Cat💞

What a beautiful story!! I’m so glad they could be adopted together!😻Those two kitties are absolutely gorgeous I’m so glad they were kept together ❤️😻😻♥️This is a wonderful story of rescue and healing of a tiny life 💞💕💗And the BEST! part about it is … Lilo and Nani stayed together ❣❣❣❣❣❣That’s always my favorite part – when Bonded Buddies/Siblings get a home with each other 💕Absolutely LOVE ❤when siblings, especially when they have a rough start, get adopted together 😊❤😊They grew up from adorable kittens to beautiful cats! OOOh it’s so heartwarming that Lily & Nani got adopted into a loving home together. 😻Makes my heart so happy to know they’re together ❤God bless you angels for saving these precious babies ❤❤ so happy to see they were adopted together!!🙏🥰👏What beauty these two kittens grew up to be and I’m so glad that they will spend the rest of their lives together 🙏🙏🙏Bless there hearts so adorable and beautiful I’m so glad they have a Happy home together ❤❤ That’s just an amazing journey of them both beautiful looking cats, thankyou showing 🐈🐈🙂❤️They’re so beautiful. They look like they have Ragdoll in them. ❤Those are some good looking cats!!!! Happy they were adopted together…. 🎉❤❤awww pure sweetness..look at those little cute..❤❤ so happy they are together..❤❤Such beautiful kittens, that grew into beautiful cats, thank you for taking care of them and giving both a forever family home.💕