Sweetest Stray Dog Realizes She’s Been Rescued💓🙏🏻

This sweet stray dog is so grateful to be finally rescued off the streets.❤️ Many thanks to the kind construction workers and the woman who got the surgery done, and fed and fostered this adorable dog. Her beautiful smile will get her adopted, I am very sure! hat a perfect name for a dog this sweet! And knowing how some people behave towards stray dogs, I’m quite impressed with the construction workers for being so kind and looking after her and asking for help when they couldn’t do more. Honestly, props to them. And as always, you’re doing amazing work for these dogs! I hope Honey finds a great forever home. Thank you to those construction workers for feeding her, for the family who gave her a place to recover from her operation and of course to Howl Of A Dog for taking her into your care. She seems to have a wonderful, gentle personality and I hope she finds a loving home soon. If she is still in the shelter in 2024 and you do adoptions to Canada I would seriously consider adopting her myself. Oh and shoutout to Freudentier for their gifts to the rescue – hopefully all the German dog owners will think of your brand next time they shop for supplies! ♥ So sweet-natured. Honey embodies her name in personality and appearance. She is a honey of a dog despite all the obstacles misfortune in her life. Thank you for posting this rescue, Howl of a Dog.💌💔💗💛💞💕🧡💜🥰 I’ve been watching your rescues for years and really look forward to new videos. There is something about the style and tone of your rescue videos that is very moving. They bring to bear the vulnerability and sadness of the dogs but then also show hope for the future. Thank you for your work and your kindness to these animals. They are a gift to humanity.

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