🐈German Shepherd and Baby Kittens🦮🫶🏻

It’s just too cute how Rocky reacts🥰 First he has to sniff and then observe. He pays close attention what the little ones are doing and if everything is ok with them. Good boy 👍🐾❤ Love him good dad. Theyer to small toknowhow good they have it made GIt says in Bible when time comes the animals will be like Rockey times are here. Thank God for sweet animals. They truely are OUR bets friends, I love how Rocky makes sure all the kittens are accounted for very orderly ❤️ Adorable overload…both Rocky and the kittens. Made me wanna be there to play with them.🤗❤️❤️ My goodness. Rocky is the greatest example of a GSD I have ever seen. Everything about him is great: His temper, his coat, the way he interacts with other animals. I cannot believe how awesome he is.

I wish I had a big buddy like Rocky to look out for me sometimes. It’s never happened, but it would be nice once.

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