Hello friends, we found these cute little puppies wandering the highway without their mother on the road.

Bailey looks like he had enough of the kids 😌 Awww Bailey, he’s like “if I don’t give them eye contact, they’ll go away”….”oh I give up , it’s not working”😊Puppies: “Mama!!!”🐕💞💞 5 tailwagging puppies 😍😍😍😍😍 priceless! And Bailey watching over them, love you Bailey 😘🐶Bailey is a very gentle dog. I hope these adorable puppies will all find loving families❤It’s his NON-reaction for me😂if a bubble was above his head I do believe it would read get them away from me💕🐾I always thought Bailey is the master of tail- wagging, but i failed! This cute little puppies are the masters! So adorable 🤗❤Precious boy Bailey, he’s so sweet. I love the little waggy tails on the puppies ❤️🥰 Bailey loves everyone, and everyone loves Bailey! Congrats on taking care of more little ones, sweet Bailey!💞💕💞🐶🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕★I had a bit sad feeling when your adorable Golden Retriever showed embarrassment with those five little puppies’ action . At any rate, thank you for the heart-warming video! I hope they get along with OK.With a new kitten and a cat, 2 grown dogs bros, bunnies, chicks, and ducks… now these cute puppies. Right now Bailey just wants to crawl into his own bed.Bailey is great dog and has patience with them! Puppies are so cute and adorable! 💯💓🍖Bailey is so adorably careful around the puppies. Are you keeping all of them? How is Simon? Miss 😞 him too Awww. Poor Bailey knowing he already has to share Daddy with soooo many 😧😍Oh Bailey. What a great boy you are. The puppies loved you. And I saw your tail wagging. ❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❤️😊Pauvre Bailey ,lui qui aime être seul avec son papa et sa maman ,on le sent inquiet et pas très content de cette invasion .Quel amour ce Bailey !I just love all your channels! Glad I just discovered The Fluffiest because it answered my question of a) where the adorbs puppies came from and b) where Simon has been!The things Bailey puts up with being a YouTube star. 😉😉😅

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