Our dog went out into the street, she was not alone when she returned.🐈💞🐕

I hope the cat has become the dominant one.That is what usually happens.Much better for them both.😊Awright, imma remember that next time I go out.When i see videos like this i hv deep fear of those jaws breaking the gentle kitty’s neck. How can anyone allow such interactions and calmly take videos like this😰From what I understand, gentle biting is a form of affection for dogs. Dogs don’t always understand that cats aren’t dogs.Somehow the kittens have the innate sense that the shepherd isn’t a natural predator Lol that was not kissing. That was them trying to annoy each other.The proverb “cats and dogs” is wrong”. They can be very good friends.Affection partagée et « active » 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰That back of the neck is not a good sign.I really don’t think they’re kissing. Looks like the moggy didn’t want to be used as a pillow.Cats be just like wives. Play is all innocent and shit until the nails come out and a scratch happens. She shows up at the parents house with a bruised eye and all hell breaks loose because of just our playing around. No one says shit about the nail scratch though.That looks more like tasting, not kissing!This is so sexy – I don’t know why actually 😂😂😂😂You need t9 teach that doggies not to bite the cats neck. One day he might bite too hard without meaning to.👎Lol that was not kissing. That was them trying to annoy each other.

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