Golden Retriever Becomes Foster Mom For An Abandoned Kitten With Thumbs🐈❤️🐕

Aaaawww this is so heartwarming. 💞. Perfect Match. I both a long and healthy life full of joy and love. I hope they friendship will never ending… 😘“A cat with thumbs?!! I’d better make friends with it now so it will treat me benevolently when it inevitably takes over the earth!!” – Mojito… probably! 😜Absolutely gorgeous little polydactyl baby 💕💕My heart goes out to them they are beautiful together I love it ❤❤What a beautiful thing ! Mojito and Skywalker are the best 🐈🐾🐾❣️ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL TAIL OF A KITTEN 🐈🐾🐾❤️ I love the little white kitten. Mojito is so loving and patient. Thank you for sharing.I never understand why people say dogs and cats are natural enemies. I have seen so many great dog and cat relationships including my dog Bandit and a stray that became his child that I named Silky.What a beautiful bond of friendship, truly an amazing thing… big hearts and lots of love. Thank you for sharing. ♡♡The kittens are simply magical gifts from God, just ask that big sweet canine.Thank you for this beautiful story of true friendship and love .I wish they would’ve shown the kittens paws because he actually has a thumb it’s a birth defect but it does not hurt them whatsoever it just looks funny . I wish I had one of those cats with a thumb on him so that way in case my car breaks down he can hitch a ride for us ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha😂😂Bu ne tatlilik Allah’im. Tam öpülmelik bu kücük afacan… arkadas olmalarida harika. Yerim ben sizi.. 🤗🐈🥰🐈🥰🧿Such a beautiful friendship. So happy cat found a home and a special friend. Love story. 🥰🥰😺I absolutely love this special little kitten I had a group of these special cats and two of them got stolen and another disappeared and I still miss them there extremely intelligent a d so loving and playful God bless you and keep you safe and meet your every need Peggy Lynn Smith from Corbin KentuckyWhat a beautiful and perfect pair❤❤❤🙏🙏 God bless you for saving this cutie and introducing them to their soulmate!!💕💕👏👏

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